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Friday, September 18, 2009

Liberals Want Civility and Decorum?

If you're paying attention to the LiberNazis, they now tell us that they want to be treated with "civility and decorum." CNN:

    The issue, [said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland], "is whether we are able to proceed with a degree of civility and decorum."

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Civility and Decorum! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Steny "I'll have a triple for the road" Hoyer

Oh, Lordy Day Jeebus - are these asshats trying to be funny or are they serious? And do they really think anyone is going to take them seriously after eight and fifty years of complete, unadulterated asshattedness, anger, mean-spiritedness, smear merchanting, hate-mongering, lying and behaving worse than spoiled rotten Kennedy males children?

"Decorum and Civility." Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh, Damn...thanks for the laughs, LiberNazis, thanks for the laughs.


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Love the Democrat baby! They are all such whiners!! Can't wait 'til 2012. That's if there is still an America by then.
I can think of some good to come from this nonsense. One... the leftards could have been voting to steal another trillion dollars. Two... Joe Wilson is now a hero to evil-mongers across the nation and evil-mongers vote. That's something the leftards have seem to forgotten lately since they're too busy running their multi trillion dollar theft-o-thon.
Wow... it's the ultimate in hypocrisy once again... and people wonder why my head spins at random times. :o)
Earth to David:
Your guy lost.
Silly bonehead, with your fake indignation. You lost.
Thanks, Robinn. Glad you enjoyed it. There are several entries in the Baby Democrat category. Click on the Baby Democrat in the Labels row at the bottom of the post.

Exactly! Not only is the Pbama Crime Family stealing from all Americans for their personal enrichment, they still have Sugar Daddy Jewish Jew-hater Gyorgy Soros backing them.

Joe Wilson has the chutzpah to say what other so-called Repubs won't say. I give him major kudos for that.

Yeah, but the hypocrisy from the Land of LefTardia is not surprising at all , really - is it?

All they know is hypocrisy and lies. And smear-merchanting, personal attacks, hate-mongering and election-stealing. And Marxism.

If I left something out, Bug, you be sure to let me know! ;-)

Yours is the comment I live for. Actually, grammatically correct would be, for which I live.

Anonymous said...

Earth to David:
Your guy lost.
Silly bonehead, with your fake indignation. You lost.

2:47 PM, September 19, 2009

David to Dimwit Anony:

My guy lost? Huh. Who was my guy? I didn't support or vote for John McCain, so please, tell me, since you know everything, who (was) my guy?

Pbama Cultists like you should be celebrating an election victory, but all you can do is piss and moan about your opponents.

I guess there's really not much to brag about over The Kenyan and his failed policies, his criminal organizations and associations and how Putin just wrapped up easily pushing him around over the missile defense system.

Yeah, nothing to brag about with the nappy-headed one is there? Bwa ha ha ha ha! Your party would have done so much better with Hillary.
I love that... who came up with Land of LefTardia?? I have got to use that some time soon!

David Dude... I would not attempt to correct you... unless of course you were wrong. :o)

I haven't noticed a case of "wrong-ness" lately.
I want to say it was Molson. Molson, if you read this please confirm.

Me. Wrong? Correcting...me?!?!! You must be thinking of another blogger. ;-)
Another blogger? Wait... are you telling me there are other blogs I could be reading? Whoa!!
They piss and moan about their opponents, the last eight years....

What about all this change we were promised? If they're so great, how about fixing what's wrong, instead of whining about Bush this, Bush that....

Neither party can stop pointing at each other, and it's getting a bit annoying.
No Bug, no. No no no no. You should only be reading my blog and yours. If it's not on your blog or mine, it's just not newsworthy. ;-)

Molson has a wonderful blog. He takes some beautiful pictures of Colorado. Click on the images there to enlarge.
LEave him a comment, tell him I sent you there. (no he doesn't pay me). He's just a super dude. Check him out.


I most certainly do not disagree with you on the pointing of the blame by both parties, which is why I edge little by little closer to Libertarianism every day. The RINOs and Moderates are pushing me away. They are pushing away true Conservatism and have this mistaken attitude that they can make deals with their political adversaries and not get stabbed in the back down the road.

You can't make deals with the Devil, and RINOs and Mods seem to think they can. If all Dems were like Joe Lieberman, I'd have no doubt that they'd keep their word and could work in a bi-partisan manner. But he's one of few in party co-opted by Dead Ted, Kerry, Reid, Kookcinich, Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, Franken (cripes, just typing his name knowing he stole the Senate seat makes my skin crawl), Feinstein, Boxer--they're all insane. JFK wouldn't recognize his party today. There;s no such thing as working with these people. None.
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