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Sunday, September 13, 2009

James Traficant Out of Jail...Finally!

Here's a Democrat I like. Notice I said Democrat and not Liberal or Progressive.

James Traficant finally gets out of jail. WaPoo:

    James A. Traficant, the Ohio Democrat who was expelled from Congress after being found guilty of bribery and racketeering, walked out of prison in Minnesota on Wednesday after serving seven years behind bars.

    Traficant, 68, an eccentric former sheriff, did not answer reporters' questions as he left the prison alone and rode away in a taxi. He wore a T-shirt, shorts and knee-high white socks and carried some of his belongings in a plastic bag. Famous for his unruly toupee that was piled impossibly high on his head -- he said he needed "a weed whacker" to trim it -- Traficant left prison with a gray receding hairline.


    "His sentence was overkill. Seven years is a long time," said Tony Trolio, who has been selling the shirts. "I am not condoning what they say he did, but there are murderers who get out in three years."

    Trolio said he, like many people, remembers Traficant as a popular sheriff and congressman who helped a lot of people. "He was a spontaneous, charismatic guy."

    Trolio said he talked to Traficant's wife, Tish, a hairdresser, and that when the former lawmaker realized that reporters were on the bus he planned to take from Minnesota to Ohio, he hopped into a taxi and evaded them. "That's Jim!" he said.

    In 2002, in a trial in which Traficant represented himself, he was convicted of 10 felony counts, including accepting bribes and taking kickbacks.

    Prosecutors and witnesses said he filed false tax returns and accepted free labor and materials for his Ohio farm from contractors in exchange for giving them congressional favors. He was the second House member since the Civil War to be voted out for unethical behavior.

    Traficant, whose speeches in Congress often drew a crowd because they were so colorful and unusual, frequently made "Star Trek" references and, on the House floor, signed off by saying, "Beam me up."

Speakeress of the House Nazi Pelosi voices her support for crooks like Liberal Charlie Rangel. NY Post:

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn't budge yesterday on her position that New York Rep. Charles Rangel should remain chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, despite new calls for his ouster.

    "I do not think he should step aside," Pelosi told reporters yesterday.

    She said that Rangel's fate should be decided by the House Ethics Committee, a secretive panel that has twice expanded its investigation of the embattled chairman but has given no indication when its probe will be completed.

    The probe covers numerous allegations, including that Rangel failed to pay taxes on income from a vacation home.

Ahhhh, Good Olde Fashioned Liberal Hypocrisy and Double Standards. There's nothing quite like it, is there?

Traficant is on the side of the Tea Party protesters. Business-Journal:

    The chairman of the Columbiana County Republican Party will join former Democratic congressman James A. Traficant Saturday afternoon for a so-called TEA Party at Firestone Park in Columbiana.

    David W. Johnson, CEO of Summitville Tile Inc. in Hanoverton, will join Traficant at the podium for the event, set to begin at 2:30 p.m.


    Johnson hopes that Traficant will address the North American Free Trade Agreement, which the congressman opposed during his time in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Traficant is one of those rare Dems who understands how dangerous the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) is.

Glad as hell you're out of jail, Mr. Traficant. Your sentence was, indeed, overkill. Big Time!


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Rangel is the poster child for all tax cheat leftards. Raise taxes but don't pay taxes. That's good leftard values. He best be careful though because he is going to become a big liability in 2010. Become too big a liability to the Soros sucking leftocrats and it will be under the bus for Rangel the Dangle. I'm certain Booosh could be blamed though.

Oooh. Traficant at a teaparty rally. That's going to result in some chafed leftards.

Oh if Rangel were a Repub the LefTards would be puking shit and blood, demanding he resign. Cluck Schumer would be front and center of cameras and microphones "demanding an investigation." With their fellow Commie Rangel, they say nothing.

Yep, Traficant is going to get the Lieberman/Zel Miller treatment now. You watch.
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