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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank You Pissy Pants Liberals!

I want to take a moment and thank all the Widdle Wiberal Pussies who send me hate e-mail and who submit their hate-comments (comments that I reject publishing) under the ubiquitous moniker "Anonymous."

It's so damn easy to tweak and provoke you into anger. And you claim to be the tolerant, big-tent, intellectual, non-judgmental crowd? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You're not fooling anyone.

Thanks for your hate. Thanks for confirming what I, and so many others, already know. That you are the most cowardly, bigoted, hate-filled, angry, narrow-minded, America-hating pissy-pants pieces of shit on earth.

I write this blog for no other reason than to provoke these people. It's so fun, so enjoyable, to garner such reactions from the Kool-Aid injecting morons.

Why read a blog or site that angers you? Even worse, why acknowledge and admit it by sending hate e-mail and submitting hate-comments? Good Christ, these people think with their rectums, they do...they really do. A bunch of shit-for-brains!

I laugh all the way to the keyboard. All the way!

It's so easy to provoke these asshats. So damned easy!

Polly Pissy Pants Liberals.

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Remember, those fascists want ALL the Internet for themselves and you are occupying bits and pieces of it. Therefore, they want to wipe you out on the Altar of Mein Furher Pbama Hussein Junior.
They are so easy to tweak, Tym. Pulling their strings is too easy. Effortless.

Who - what group - in Canada would you compare to the uber-Liberals in the U.S.? Are there Canadians who hate Canada but continue to live there? Is there a small but vocal minority that wants to bring Canada further into Marxism?
Stolen tax $$$$$ fund hordes of ACORN and SEIU trollbamas. They get paid to do nothing but troll 24 -7. No website is safe. You ought to read some of the trollbama comments on FOX News. Very entertaining as they are attacked right for being trolling leftard scum that they are. Doesn't stop them though. The trollbamas are fucking relentless.

I have read some of the comments on the FOX news stories. Same with Politico. The one on Joe Wilson raising one mill from his comment to Obama, "you lie," has some wonderful pissy pants troll liberal comments on it:


The Obama Shit Sandwich-eaters just cannot stand it when their Fraudy McProphet is criticized! It is rich how they defend their Fraudy. Oh so damn rich!

Pretty much ALL canadians but especially the ones that swear allegiance to the almighty powerful establishment of the unionized brotherhood.

They are the ones who want everything to be "nationalized", socialized, hate the guts of the private sector but still live off them and don't want retribution for the ills they have accomplished.

Basically, all the ones who want a free ride, who wants rights but no responsibilities that come with it, the whole "something for nothing bunch". The marxists, the communists, the extreme left and what not. In Canada there is the NDP that's a lot like it and in Quebec, we have Quebec Solidaire (I call them Quebec Suicidaire).



Besides the Troll-bama are getting PAID big time by Acorn, Pbama and shit like that.

Could they come up with something intelligent to say for once or is this just a waste of tax payer money?
Tym, thanks for the history lesson on Canada's Socialists. It is something I need to study-up on more.

Who - or which politicians - led them this way, to nationalizing everything? Is it a carry over from the UK political dogma of the govt being the Nanny State? And why did not Harper supporters bring forth more changes leaning toward Conservatism?

Sorry to bug you about all this, but I have to imagine that since you live there and witnessed it firsthand you not only know what you are talking about but have experienced it.

Those are really good questions. Unfortunately for now, I don't have the time to answer them but as soon as I get a few hours in front of me, I'll tackle them for sure and that's a promise I intend to keep if you dare to remind me once and a while but in a week or so since I won't have the Internet until next friday the 18th of september
Hey Tym, just pop in your answer whenever you get around to it. No rush whatsoever, my friend. Just thought I would ask as I'm sure you have (as usual) factual information to share and know the subject since you live there.

Sorry for the delay in replying. I've been putting in many hours at work. It's all good, I guess, just taking time away from blogging!
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