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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Guilty Verdict for British Muslims in Airline Plot

Three British Muslims were found guilty today of conspiracy to murder thousands of passengers and crew in an unprecedented airline bomb plot that could have proved as deadly as the 9/11 attacks. Times Online:

    After a retrial at Woolwich Crown Court, jurors found the ringleader, Abdulla Ahmed, and two other men, Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain, guilty of plotting to use liquid bombs to blow up airliners en route from Heathrow to the United States.

    Another defendant, Umar Islam, was found guilty of a more general charge of conspiracy to murder because jurors could not decide whether he knew of the specific targets in the plot three years ago.

    Three other men, Arafat Khan, Ibrahim Savant and Waheed Zaman, were found not guilty of conspiracy to blow up aircraft but could face a retrial on the more general conspiracy to murder charge because jurors could not reach a verdict.

    The eighth defendant, Muslim convert Donald Stewart-Whyte, was found not guilty on the terrorism charges but had pleaded guilty to a firearms offence.

    Ali, 28, was the leader of an East London terror cell inspired from Pakistan, the court heard. He had planned to detonate home-made liquid bombs in suicide attacks on transatlantic aircraft bound for major north American cities.

    It was the most complex and daring British-based terrorist conspiracy in modern times and, according to the Crown Prosecution Service, could have killed "hundreds of innocent people".

    Prosecutors said that the plot was largely run from Pakistan and produced e-mails which mention a figure referred to as "Paps" or "Papa", believed to be a pen-name used by a British-born Muslim, thought to have been a key facilitator of al-Qaeda activity in Britain.

Why would member of the Religion of Peace plot such a horrific and violent act?

Where is the love? Where is the Peace? Are not terrorists fathers, uncles, sons and nephews...like Roise O'Moo said, that terrorists are "mothers and fathers, too?"


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It must be the brittish ocupation of... London, Luton, Manchester and all those lands which belong to allah and his pedophile prophet.
Has Sharia Law wormed its way into the UK, Mats? Or any other European countries? I want to say it did, but can't recall where I read it. Any info you can provide?
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