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Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Firefox...

...Oh...oh how I used to love you, Firefox. It was giddy puppy love with fireworks. I reluctantly left Netscape for you, Firefox. And I was with Net a long time because IE was, is and will always be garbage.

Firefox, yours was Blind love on my part. Unconditional love. You made IE look like the bloated useless slag of a cyberboat anchor that it was and will forever be. You were so damn attractive. Hot! Sizzle! And in time, the burn.

I don't want the latest version of FF to automatically alphabetize my bookmarks, thank you very much. And I don't what FF is becoming; a more bloated, IE-like browser. What happened to you, Firefox? You got comfortable, didn't you? You're getting fat...you're just thinking of more and more add-ons that make you look fat. No, it's not the outfit that is making you look fat.

Please stop morphing into IE. Please. I want the lean, mean, machine that FF used to be. Otherwise...I may go Chrome.

Anyone else feel like I do? Is Chrome the new Firefox? If you've switched from FF to Chrome because you think FF has become too IE-ish, leave a comment. Let us all know if you like Chrome or not.


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personally I like Opera
Opera, huh? Is it more like FF used to be? I've never tried it. How is it regarding security and such, an area where FF has excelled where IE has completely crapped out on, IMHO.
Let me know.

Thanks for commenting and visiting! I have limited time tonight, but checked out your blog and like what I see. I will stop by more often in the near future.
David, the only thing that I son;t like about Chrome is that it seems TOO stripped down. Of course the speed swamps FF now, but they have to have more for me to totally switch.

The 3.5 version of Firefox doesn;t work with Google too well, either, but I think that is because Google has tried to take them down.

All that said, I hesitate to surrender any more of my life to Google right now, maybe tomorrow.
That is EXACTLY it PB...

I hesitate to surrender any more of my life to Google right now.

There are many complaints out there on FF 3.5. I just don't like it. I may have to switch to Chrome. How is it with security? Better than IE (what wouldn't be!) and not as good as FF? Is that a fair guesstimate?
David, security is not an issue with my stuff, I use F-Secure for internet security and firewall. I have not seen a pop-up or gotten anything bad in four years.

What I did was simply reinstall 3.0 FF, we are at 3.0.14 update now and I cannot tell any difference with 3.0.13. Does FF not have that still available for download?
I think the earlier 3.XX is still out there, yeah. I can reload that, but even that version was kinda bloated for me. I miss stripped down FF. That was the whole point of FF. I may give Chrome a try, I dunno.
Try Opera DD. It is a good browser. I use Safari and Camino most of the time. You would like Camino as it is not all junked up. Camino is the nice clean browser that Firefox used to be, but Camino is Mac only. Safari however is available for PC's so you can always give that a try unless anything Apple is strictly verboten.
Better talk to your congressman and ask him to have a government-run browser.

Things will be much better since the government is great at running things.
I have Chrome and so far I like it. Husband had loaded the Beta FF and the damn thing would just take SO LONG to do anything.

But...so far I like Chrome, haven't had any problems with it. Yeah, it's a tad stripped down, but that works for me.
I have been using Chrome for months now and I am very pleased with it. It is simple and clean, and while there are still some sites that won't run right with it (There are many sights which won't run right with IE or FF for that matter), by far & wide it is fine for the bulk of the internet.

Thanks! I will DL those and try them out. I miss the days of the old FF, when it was a clean machine and not so IE'ed up.

Safari is okay, I have nothing against the Appleites or the Mac'ers. ;-)

Heh! Honestly...when DOES the govt release their sanctioned and govt approved browser? Ugh, we shouldn't even joke about something like this, I could see it turning true with Obama and the Fascists in charge!
Thanks Groovy! I will add Chrome to the list to try. The only issue is - see above comment from Paul Mitchell - turning over more of our lives to Google. They already have too much information on everyone!
oh...and Groovy...you said "stripped down." Heh, Heh, Heh! (sorry, it's the Beavis and Butthead humor in me).
Thanks PB. So far those who use Chrome and have commented here seem to like it. I have to take that as objective user comments. It sounds like how FF used to be, and that's what I'm looking for.
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