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Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Wilson Speaks Truth To Power;
Obama IS A LIAR!

South Carolina Republican Congressman spoke truth to power Wednesday night when he called Dear Leader His Excellency The Affirmative Action Illegal and Illegitimate Kenyan-born Prednint Barack Saddam Hussein Obama, Junior a liar. CNN:

    Two words, delivered with index finger punctuating the air and directed at the president of the United States, made a little-known South Carolina congressman one of the most controversial men on the Internet -- at least Wednesday heading into Thursday.

    As soon as Rep. Joe Wilson was identified as the person whose angry and audible outburst disrupted President Obama's health care speech to Congress, condemnation was swift -- and brutal.

    Within minutes, someone had altered Wilson's entry on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia:

    "He is a [expletive] that called the president of the United States a liar on national television and has no respect for the office he holds."

    When the Web site scrubbed the sentence, an even more offensive entry wormed its way in. iReport.com: "You are disrespectful, sir"

    Soon, the site disabled edit options for Wilson's entry, chalking it up to "vandalism."

Obama is a Liar. Every word, every sentence, out of his mouth is a lie. Every. Single. Word.

The sad part is that Wilson apologized. Why? Why apologize for the truth? This is why Republicans disappoint me and I move closer and closer to Libertarianism.

Why Republicans feel it is necessary to apologize for telling the truth is beyond me. Hell, the Liberals never apologize for their lies. They lied for eight solid years during the Bush Admin.

The Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) are beside themselves in feigned outrage over someone calling their Cult Leader a Liar. Oh - it was acceptable and encouraged to heckle W. Bush and every other politician or anyone else who isn't a brainwashed, Kool-Aid injecting Liberal.

But don't you dare criticize The Kenyan! The Kenyan is a LPOS Commie Thug whose goal is to completely destroy the United States.

"Respect for the office" of the Kenyan? Oh, Lordy Day...that's a funny one from the Wikipedia entry, huh? Respect? For the person in the White House? Yeah...like The Left showed any respect for the office when under W. Bush. Or George H.W. Bush. Or Ronald Reagan. When has The Left shown any respect for the office of the President of the United States? Oh, yeah...only when their party
occupies steals it.

Did you see the evil eye given to Wilson by Herr Biden and Nanny Peloshit who were seated behind The Kenyan? What a couple of hypocritical turds. Both Biden and Peloshit spent eight years lying and grandstanding, fomenting one lie after another from 2000 to 2008. Now, they find themselves on the receiving end of what they dished out and, like the typical crybabies that they are, they insist and demand that they not be the target of criticism. Karma is such an unrelenting bitch, isn't it Joe? Ain't it, Madame Botox?

The Left is reaping what they sowed. They deserve to be treated no differently than those they have treated who don't fully and exactly believe as they do. I treat The Left as they treat anyone who isn't mainlining their Kool-Aid.
This is what I do on this blog...and I do it well.

The Truth hurts the Cultists and the ILCP. They hate the truth. The truth is poisonous to them. And rightfully so. Truth and facts defeat the Cultists and the ILCP every time. Every single time.


H/T: "BB" Modesto for reminding me that Biden and Peloshit gave Wilson the "Evil eye."

H/T to Tym Machine for kindly calling attention to my error in referring to Representative Joe Wilson as Dan Wilson.

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Dan Wilson is a great man. Shame on those who dare to criticize him and shame on those who treated Bush like shit and never apologized for it. I am talking about those Demon-rats of course.
Hi David,

I think you must mean Joe Wilson right?

So here's a web address where people can go to show their support to Joe Wilson:



I'm with you completely up until the birther part.

That's one meme it would do well that we forget. Even if teh O!ne was born Somewhere Else, the window of opportunity for anything to be done about it expired on Jan 21. After inauguration, that window closed.

Any mention of 'Kenyan birth' &c. immediately degrades the rest of your content. Unfortunate, because you seem to have everything else under control.

Dan Wilson is 100% correct. Barry Hushame Obonghit is a liar. He is a Kenyan usurper. A criminal. A traitor. He hates America. He hates Americans. He hates Jews. He hates Christians. He hates free speech. He hates the right to self-defense. He surrounds himself with thugs, tax cheats, and embezzlers. He must be impeached. He and all his cultist followers must be opposed. Dan Wilson should not back down. He may have chose the wrong forum. He should have controlled his emotions, but that is all he got wrong. Barry Hushame Obonghit is a LIAR. He has done nothing but LIE. He is a CRIMINAL LIAR. He is not eligible to be POTUS. IMPEACH his ass now.

Dan Wilson are you listening? Do not roll over for scum the likes of Barry Hushame Obonghit. Call him out everyday. The resistance is rising. You will have support, but you cannot be weak or waver in this task. Doing so will cost you your credibility and that is what those fucking useless waste of fucking skin embezzelcrats want you to do. Don't give them the satisfaction. Now is the time Dan Wilson to stand up and tell that lying Marxist PIECE OF SHIT Barry Hushame Obonghit and all his cultist followers to go fuck themselves. Do it or fail.
Dan Wilson? Sorry I meant Joe Wilson. Barry Hushame Obonghit is still a lying leftarded traitorous POS who needs to be impeached now. Time to get busy Joe. You have a lot of work to do.
According to our misinformed leftists, it is because Obama is black that he has been called a liar.


(if you get the chance to translate that, you got our communist unions that take advantage of people's ignorance to do some cheap propaganda over the so-called right wing US racists)

So was it because Bush was white that he was called dumb, fascist and what not?

It is Joe Wilson. Thank you so much for calling attention to that. I do try to always get the facts right.

I don't know why I was thinking his name was "Dan."

Weirdly, Joe Wilson is also the name of the dipshit Commie who is married to pretend Super Duper Secret Agent Valerie Plame.

Yeah, I got the name wrong. It is Joe, not Dan. My fault. I admit it. Well, I got the number of letters in the first name right, right? Joe and Dan have three letters?!?! ;-)

Molson...a fantastic comment. And you claim you don't want to wax poetic by blogging a political blog? You have all the requirements and creativity and then some.

The only thing The Leftists have to play is The Race Card. Their assertions are laughable. They are so full of shit and everyone knows it.

The Left must be racist too, then, because of their hatred of Colin Powell (during his tenure of the first W. Bush term) and their hatred for Condi Rice.

It's called hyperbole. I've been known to use it here and there.

I don't know why anyone should forget about the lack of substantiation on the part of Obama to release his birth certificate. I'm just treating The Left as they treat everyone else who doesn't inject the Kool Aid.
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