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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comments Published and Replied To

Yeah, I know I ended the post title with a preposition. So sue me.

Am up-to-date on publishing comments. Well, at least those that I want to publish. Even some comments from the Anonymous Widde-Polly-Pissy Pants Pbama Cultists that amuse me so much - comments that are so bereft of facts and reality - that they deserved to be published and the commenter humiliated and ridiculed. I like to think I do a good job at this.

If you leave a respectful comment I will treat you the same. If you leave a comment that is bullshit, I will treat you the same. If you leave an Anonymous comment - pro or con with my take on things - chances are it won't be published because (see the comments policy at the bottom of this page) I reserve the right to publish or reject all comments, especially those left by "Anonymous." If you don't like this policy, go and start your own blog and publish your bullshit so that the whole world will read you and correctly conclude that you are a fukcing
loser/retard/blind/obedient/Kool-Aid injecting Pbama Cultist/member of the Inane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP).

Vera Lynn

Meanwhile, British singing sensation Vera Lynn, who, at the age of 92,
recently topped the charts of British album sales, surpassing even the Beatles. NY Times:

    So much for the Beatles: in the week when long-awaited remastered editions of their catalog were finally released, the No. 1 position on the British album sales chart was claimed by Vera Lynn, the British singer of World War II ballads, Agence France-Presse reported. Last month Ms. Lynn, 92, known for her performances of songs like “(There’ll Be Bluebirds Over) the White Cliffs of Dover” and “We’ll Meet Again,” became the oldest living artist on the British Top 20 chart when her collection “We’ll Meet Again: The Very Best of Vera Lynn,” reached the No. 20 position. That album was rereleased by Decca Records to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Britain’s declaration of war on Germany. The Beatles albums, released Wednesday, did not perform too badly: on the British chart “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” was No. 5, “Abbey Road” was No. 6, “Revolver” was No. 9, and “Rubber Soul” was No. 10.

Lynn also is a staunch supporter of Soldiers. The Mirror:

    Forces' Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn urged pop stars to do more to support British troops by entertaining them on the front line.

    She told The Daily Telegraph: "I don't know why it is that they don't do more and I don't think any young stars are writing songs for them either."

    She said she did not really know what the war in Afghanistan was all about "or what our boys are doing there".

    She added: "They're not getting killed for their own country and Gordon Brown needs to bring them home, but public figures shouldn't look at war in terms of politics: they should just think of the boys and want to help them in any way they can."

    Entertainers could not have it all one way - being on TV and radio and making lots of money - then not offer anything to their followers when they needed them, she said.

And she is Spot On, as our Allies the Brits say.

Ms. Lynn's "We'll Meet Again," is used quite brilliantly in the film "Dr. Strangelove."

And I will be back with regular updates soon.

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