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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Comments and Replies and Wade!

Hectic schedule and time constraints. Will get to publishing and replying in a couple of days so hang in there.

Even to your silly comments, Wade.

Wade left several comments blaming Republicans for everything while claiming he is not a "Democrat or a Republican." Yeah, right.

Wade, you realize that the deregulation of the airline industry started with DemoNazi Jimmy Carter, right? WaPoo:

    Carter Signs Airlines Deregulation Bill
    Airline Deregulation Designed to Boost Competition
    Wednesday, October 25, 1978

    President Carter yesterday signed into law a bill designed to increase competition among the nation's airlines by phasing out federal regulation.

    The new law, supported by President Carter since the beginning of his term, gradually reduces the role of the Civil Aeronautics Board in the fare and route decisions of the airlines, and abolishes th [sic] CAB altogether at the end of 1984.

    Carter said in a crowded signing ceremony in the White House Cabinet Room that the legislation would achieve two critical objective. "One is to help our fight against inflation and the other is to assure American citizens of an opportunity for low priced air transportation," he said.

Gee, Wade, it would be just nipple-erecting swell if you researched your information before talking out of your bunghole, but I understand people like you have trouble accepting FACTS!

I'll deal with your comments in time Wade, so check back when I have more time to publish and reply to all the comments. But bone up on facts, not what you believe. You might be a more fully informed person. Oh, wait...you can't have facts impede your beliefs now, can you?!?!?

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