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Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Obama

Yep. As far as I know that is indeed a legitimate, bonafide photo of Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Saddam Hussein Obama, Junior as a baby.

Don't criticize Baby Barry or say anything that contradicts his Marxist ideology. Otherwise he will have a hissy tantrum fit and cry, whine and play The Race Card.


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Hey, do you have a birth certificate that goes with that photo?... huh?
LOL!! ROFL over that pic! LOL
And some lesser good news from Barrack Hussein Obama:


He has enough votes he said so basically what he tells the American people: I did this congress meeting and this address à la nation simply as a vulgar display of power and I couldn't care less what the people think of me and my reform that 53% of American vigourously oppose (both Republicans and Democrats by the way). The president is telling it to you IN YOUR FACE: HE DOESN'T CARE, he has enough votes and he blames it on the opposition.

This is not a president, it's a liar, an hypocrit and a PATHETIC LOOSER that does not even care what people think and do!!!

Let's show him the door, let's use IMPEACHMENT right now!!!

Of course, there is nothing I can do besides writing it, I am canadian. Americans do have the power though, the states have the power to SEPARATE from the Washington MESS and SECEDE and use all they can do to sabotage Obama and all his evil socialist deeds.
That's how we crack babies roll.
To all my above friends:

Thanks for the comments, links, and kind words.

I will publish the rest of your comments and reply in a couple of days. It's just a lack of time thing lately.

Keep commenting. Just know that I may not get to them as quickly as I have in the past.


Molson: That's how we crack babies roll. LMFAO!!!

"That's how we crack babies roll."

Even better: "That's how we roll crack babies."
"That's how we roll crack babies."

LMAO--coughing, hacking, laughing. Good one, Tym!
I'm always laughing when I'm seeing...dumb-ass americans like you who can even makes a difference between fascism, liberalism, communism and marxism... shit dude you have to study your politics... 1rst Obama is BLACK and Hitler hated black people... 2nd: fascism is the more developped form of the RIGHT, not the LEFT... Marxism is on the left, like socialism and democratic socialism... fascism is on the RIGHT with liberalism and conservatism.... so sorry dude... but your liberals ARENT marxists.. dude i'm in Quebec and here we think that all your douchebags are right extremist... so ... haha... just for your information fat ass

You're only always laughing because you've been lobotomized.

1st: technically, and I know how Lefties like you enjoy being so precise, Obama is bi-racial. Not black.

2nd: Fascism germinated from the Far Left. Nazi is short for "Nationalsozialismus." See the "sozialismus" in the word.

You're in Quebec? Oh fuck, why didn't you say earlier that you were a fag living off the rest of hard-working Canadians. I would have cut you some slack.

You didn't make much of your education did you? It shows in your ignorance. Are you Wade or Jersey McJones?
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