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Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome New Blog and Link

I want to apologize to my blogroll for not having done a "Blogworthy" post for so long. There are so many great things to read from the wonderful bloggers on my blogroll. I have things bookmarked and plant to get to them as soon as time permits.

In the meantime, I want to plug a blog I literally stumbled upon when searching for the speech given by Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. My search words were for his "this was the moment" speech.

The blog I stumbled upon is The Daily Nigger or TDN. THAT is the name the blogger gave to his blog. Don't get upset or angry with me. I have never used the "N-word" unless it has been to actually quote another person who used it and I used it in its entirely and in its context when I quoted them. I believe this is the correct way to do this. I'm not going to sugarcoat the language when some Neanderthal troglodyte Liberal uses this most disgusting label. I'm not going to soften this offensive term by typing, "N-word," or "Ni**er," as others do - especially when IT IS THE LIBERALS WHO USE THIS WORD WITH ABANDON.

I would never use - and have never used - the N-word except in cases where I am directly quoting someone else, such as Hillary "MrsSatan" Clinton's profane rant and her use of the N-Word.

Or, when I've written about Democrats like Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson and Robert KKK Byrd, all who manage to receive a free pass from Liberals when they've used the word, "nigger

Or, to quash the false accusations from The Left that Obama was being called a "nigger
," which was an egregious lie. What was being shouted was "Redistributor," not "nigger." Of course, the Left and the Pbama Cultists tried to hype this story as being about intolerance and bigotry by lying about, and tyring to get others to believe, that what was being shouted was "nigger." Let me be clear; people were shouting "Redistributor," referring to Obama's plan to redistribute wealth.

As far as I can tell, the TDN's blog archive dates back to March 2007, which well precedes Obama becoming the CommieCrat Predinential Candidate which occurred in June, 2008, so I don't think the blog name The Daily Nigger is in reference to Obama.

So stop by TDN and visit. You will not be disappointed.

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I couldn't believe the name of that blog.
yeah. I LMAO. Per the sidebar the author(s) are black, so they get no repercussions from me for using that word. Rappers use it, so I guess Bloggers who are Black can too. It is a good blog. I'm glad I found it.
Not the name I would pick, but the creators of the blog explained their logic and that is that. The main thing is they have correctly called out the Kenyan Usurper for what he is... a giant ass sucking fraud. The Kenyan Usurper must go, the writers at the TDN understand that clearly. If the Kenyan Usurper was smart, he would choose exile now over incarceration later, but he is too much a Soros lapdog to be smart so... Impeach! Indict! Incarcerate!

Yeah. I agree. We still have Free Speech in the U.S. And as bad as that word is, under our First Amendment rights (until The Kenyan Usurper squashes them) they can name their blog whatever they want.

There's some good stuff on their blog. A lot of good stuff. I'm glad I found it.

I did a search of my blog to verify what I already know: that the only times I've reproduced the N-Word in full is when I've quoted others using it in their context. And, to me, this is both fair and accurate. They've said or written it, I'm merely quoting them. I have no problem with doing so. It just goes to show you who the real racists are: Hillary, Byrd, LBJ, Truman...all, coincidentally, Democrats.

We know who the racists are. We know damn well who they are.
I tried to enter TDN this morning, and this is what I saw:

"This website has been shutdown due to violations of DHS Cyber Security policies and the Office of the President of the United States Cyber Watch Program. This site has been determined to be not in keeping with current policies regarding truthfulness about the Administrations Health Care Reform and has been deemed a threat to National Security by inciting revolt against the policies and procedures of the Office of the President. If you are aware of any other sites that you feel violate the aforementioned policies please click here!"

haha The Big-Brother-in-Chief is getting restless. lol
Dave, I made a short post about it.
This is hilarious!
Is this where the USA is heading? A nazi like big brother-ish state?
Maybe this is all a joke, but if this is true, it's tragic for free speech.
oh, but one can walk around it:
I don't know if what apeared there is legit or not, but it sure made me laugh.
It seems to be working now. I think it was their idea of a joke, yes?
Yeah, it was probably an "inside job".
Seems so. I just think it's hysterical. It's written by a black (guy) who dislikes Obama. And it's funnier than hell. Outrageoulsy so!
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