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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Racism and Hatred; Not Racism or Hatred

See the above image? It is disgusting. It is reprehensible. It is vile, I consider it inflammatory and a threat to Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. The person who created it should be investigated. Here is its genesis, the story from November 2008. Southern Poverty Law Center:

    Neo-Nazi boss Bill White, long given to swaggering threats and proposals for violence, this week went even further than normal — announcing plans for a magazine cover headlined “Kill This NIGGER?” with a photo of Barack Obama and, two days later, publishing the home address of a juror who helped convict another neo-Nazi leader in a federal conspiracy case.

Yes. We have First Amendment Rights and Free Speech. And laws covering parody and satire and we have Fair Use Section 107 U.S. Copyright Code. And when private persons transition into public persona, they are open to being ridiculed and obnoxiously insulted, save for actual slander, libel and defamation. None of these things cover, not by any means, the top image.

Threatening the president of the United States and/or making terroristic threats against anyone, should be investigated and vetted and prosecuted if an actual threat is determined valid. There is no excuse for creating the top image. None.

The top image, as if I even have to say this, is the definition of Racism. It is abhorrent, rapacious, hostile and hateful. And, as if I should even have to say this, it is to be condemned, rejected, there is no place for it. It is revolting.

Bush-Hitler image credit Nova Lounge

I don't dislike Obama because of his skin color, I don't dislike him personally. I dislike his policies.

There is a difference of epic proportion between the image at the top of this post and anything I have ever PhotoShopped here on this blog. I have done nothing in PhotoShop or in a post that isn't something that The Left hasn't done with Republicans or Conservatives as their target. I'm just holding up a mirror to how the Insane Liberal Clown Posse operates and behaves.

There is a difference of epic proportion between the image and the top of his post and anything I've run across at TDN.

Bush-Hitler image credit Underground Action Alliance

Anyone who's read this blog for any length of time, agree with me or not, knows I do not add links to my blogroll without having spent some time read it. TDN is absolutely, absurdly over-the-top in many ways. If there is something I missed on reviewing TDN that seriously advocates physical violence or threats to Mr. Obama, or anyone else for that matter, or if you have found actual content that falls within the realm of what constitutes a true hate site, that is seriously objectionable in what is the true definition of Racism, I will yank the link to them in a New York second. In addition, I do not think
Texas Fred would be too happy being linked to from a true, actual hate site.

TDN is absolutely and outrageously over-the-top. It's supposed to be. TDN represents exactly what the First Amendment and Free Speech is all about, speech that some may consider offensive and objectionable, but is not threatening or true racism. I didn't find "hate" there. If you have, let me know.

Bush-Hitler image credit Nova Lounge


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That is why I would like to focus on the real important issues and if that means avoiding further provokations, I would agree to that.

The say-no-to-communist-health care is far too more important to spend one yota of time on trivial issues that the left LOVES to make us fall since they absolutely LOVE to try to connect the opposition to communist-health care to racism and discrimination.

What a bunch of ill-fated people, what a bunch of ballone. People are far too intelligent to make them fall in this kind of booby trap.
Yawn. Wow a poster calling for the assassination of Fraudy OFailure. Big deal. The Left made an entire movie about the assassination of Georgina so they could beat their little pin dicks in orgasmic pleasure. Big freaking deal. Well Fraudy should be reviled. Not because he's half black. Not because he's half white... well unless your a worthless POS white hating leftard that is. Especially if you are a self-loathing white hating white POS leftard although most white hating leftards choose to ignore the white part in Fraudy's case. He should not be hated for being a Kenyan. No he should be reviled for lying about being a Kenyan, and also because he is a socialist enemy of freedom. He should be scorned because he is an enemy of the Constitution. He should despised because he is an enemy of the Bill of Rights. He should be loathed because he is a lying, usurping, POS leftard posing as a centrist. He should be IMPEACHED for his crimes. He should be INDICTED for his crimes. He should be INCARCERATED for his crimes. Maybe he could be given the choice to go into exile even though he doesn't deserve that choice.

Now I can just hear the howls from the leftards about Boosh and Cheney being the greatest criminals of all time guilty of having killed billions. Yeah right. Dream on leftards. The greatest mass murderers are leftards... All leftards. Pol Pot... leftard. Stalin... leftard. Mao Ze Dung Dropping... leftard. Hitler... leftard.

Here come the howls again. Hitler wasn't a leftard. Well wrong again leftards. He was the leader of the German National SOCIALIST Party. Hitler was a SOCIALIST. He was not a communist which is really just a different flavor of socialist. He was a leftard. In fact all fascist movements have their basis in the SOCIALIST ideal of everybody serves the State. It's just that the fascists pick who can serve the State. Everybody else must leave or die, preferably the later when the leftards are in charge.

So is the poster of Fraudy in the crosshairs in poor taste? Yeah, but so what? The people who created it were going for shock value, but it is just too predictable to be shocking. It is a major yawn except to the white hating socialist Southern Poverty Law Center. About as worthless of a bunch of whiny ass liberal, progressive, leftarded douche bags that ever soiled a pair of Pampers.
Tym, is is the politics, not the skin color. Playing the Race Card is solely a tactic of the Left. And they do it shamelessly.

I don't disagree with you. And I know the Hatefilled Libs considering the film "Death of a President" art and protected by the First Amendment. I found that mockumentary offensive, and the same goes for the top post. While I don't disagree with your feelings about Obama, and I know even if I did we've been able to respectfully on things in the past.

I believe he is an illegal president because he wasn't born in Hawaii. He should be indicted and impeached and incarcerated. I'm just holding and maintaining that I think the top image is beyond bad taste, it is violent. And that is something I would condemn. Yes, it's a tactic the Left uses with abandon, but I won't go there. That's all I'm saying, and I know you get it. You are one of the most enlightened individuals I've gotten to know.
Yeah DD I know what you are saying. It's not so much that I disagree it's that I don't care about what I see as a feeble attempt to create shock. I guess 8 plus years of the left's hate filled diatribes have desensitized me to this sort of thing. The reality of it is that the individuals who made the poster have no intent of actually attempting what they advocate for they are cowards just like the Boosh hating leftards. Those who would commit such an act would not make the poster in the first place. The truly serious and dangerous people would act in complete silence until they would strike. The idiots who created the poster will not do anything. Heck for all I know it's just a leftard conspiracy created by leftards. They have done this kind of crap in the past so that wouldn't shock me either.
A very important post David... thanks for sharing it. It makes flames shoot out my ears when I hear or read or see REAL racist publishing hate and encouraging people to harm anyone because of their skin color, etc. It's maddening.

I agree... I do not dislike Obama because of the way he looks or for any personal reason because I don't personally know the man. I don't like his politics... and quite frankly, a lot of this crap happened long before those hiding behind Barrack's mask put him in office.

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately... I get so angry lately and when I get that angry, I begin to put way too much emotion into my writing and not enough facts. Okay... that's a silly statement because my blog is based on my opinion of the facts as they are known to me. So... I suppose I should just go with my feelings and emotions and type away. Enough of the stupid excuses, huh.

Keep up the good work... we're still out here cheering you on!
Molson, I fully understand the attempts by the Left to hyperbolize and create shock for 8 years, using the Scare and Fear Cards and how it desensitizes. And I agree, where was their outrage ovver the mockumentary?

Indeed, it all could be a conspiracy, fomented by Pbama Cultists to smear and hate merchant those who disagree with their bent political dogma. There's a Photoshop in there somewhere. My mind, it is a churning. Thanks man, you always get me thinking.

Yes, it is his politics I disagree with. But the Left makes their dislike or disagreement personal. They are the ones who always launch the first personal attack.

You always back what you write with facts at your blog. You share emotions but back them with facts. I know we can be our own worst critics somnetimes, though huh? Me too. Too much of the time.

Best to all. Ellie is adorable.
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