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Monday, August 03, 2009

Obama's Afghanistan Quagmire

March I asked, "Will Afghanistan be Obama's Waterloo?" I said I hoped it would be, meaning that his disastrous handling of it, combined with his disastrous results of everything he touches, would hopefully bring us only one, four-year term of the Illegal, Kenyan-born (maybe Indonesia), Illegitimate Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Since stealing the White House (with the help of ACORN) in January, what was once a successful war strategy under W. Bush in Afghanistan has turned into a quagmire under Obama.

The UK is not pleased with events in Afghanistan under Dear Leader His Excellency Pbama. Breitbart:

    "We conclude that the UK's mission in Afghanistan has taken on a significantly different and considerably expanded character since the first British troops were deployed there in 2001," the report said.

    "The UK deployment to Helmand (province) was undermined by unrealistic planning at senior levels, poor coordination between Whitehall (government) departments and crucially, a failure to provide the military with clear direction."

    Britain's role as lead international partner on counter-narcotics was "a poisoned chalice", the report said, adding there was "little evidence" to suggest that cuts in poppy cultivation were down to deliberate strategy.

    It called for British troops to focus on security alone.

    The "Global Security: Afghanistan and Pakistan" report also looked at problems caused by the use of air power, particularly by the United States.

Yeah, well, we can blame Obama for the increased civilian deaths and injuries caused by unmanned drones dropping bombs because he's the one who has dramatically increased drone activity in Pakistan, a sovereign nation. It's okay with Pbama Cultists, though, when their Pied Piper invades the airspace of sovereign nations. National sovereignty only has meaning and importance when a Republican is in the White House.

More and more Soldiers are being killed in Obama's Afghanistan Quagmire. Yet, no one on The Left or The Pbama Cultists care about Soldiers or civilians being killed...because now it's Obama's War. BBC:

    Three American soldiers died on Sunday after coming under attack in eastern Afghanistan, the international peacekeeping force, Isaf, says.

    Six foreign soldiers were killed on Saturday, making it one of the worst weekends for foreign forces since the ousting of the Taliban in 2001.

    The casualties come as concern grows over the aims of the Isaf mission.


    It has now been confirmed that six soldiers died in various incidents on Saturday:

    * Three US soldiers died in roadside bomb blasts in the southern province of Kandahar
    * A French soldier was killed in a gun battle in Kapisa province north of the capital, Kabul
    * Two more soldiers, whose nationality has not been disclosed, died in the south

    "Yesterday (Saturday) was a very tough day for Isaf as we lost more brave soldiers who were striving to provide security for the Afghan population," an Isaf statement said on Sunday.

Two Canadian Soldiers killed in a roadside blast. APee:

    Tears streaked the faces of normally stoic Canadian soldiers Sunday as they carried the bodies of two young comrades to their final journey home.

    Cpl. Christian Bobbitt, 23, and another unnamed soldier were killed Saturday in a roadside bomb blast.

    Bobbitt was a member of the 5th Combat Engineer Regiment, based in Valcartier, Que. The men had been in Kandahar since March, as part of the 2e Batallion of the Royal 22e Regiment, or the Van Doos.

    Another soldier was seriously wounded but was in stable condition in hospital Sunday.

UK ambassador says we will be in Afghanistan "for decades." Prison Planet:

    Foreign forces will be engaged in Afghanistan “for decades,” says the UK’s ambassador to the United States.

    Sir Nigel Sheinwald, the UK Foreign Office’s representative in Washington, told the Boston Globe Friday: “We’re going to have a very long-term commitment to Afghanistan’s future. … This is not just one year; this is going to be for decades."

For decades? Gee. That sure doesn't gel with the Pbama Cultists cry to, "Bring Our Troops Home Now!"

I wonder if the "War is Always Wrong" Pbama Cultist Crowd knows that we will "be in Afghanistan for decades,?" Strike that, they're all living in the wonderful world of denial.

The Obama Military Industrial Complex calls for more deployments of U.S. Soldiers to Afghanistan. WaPoo:

    Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, who took charge of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan last month, appears inclined to request an increase in American troops to implement the new strategy, which aims to use more unconventional methods to combat the growing Taliban insurgency[.]


    A request for more U.S. troops in Afghanistan could pose a political challenge for Obama. Some leading congressional Democrats have voiced skepticism about sustaining current force levels, set to reach 68,000 by the fall.

How many thousands more have to die before Obama is held accountable? How much more blood of Soldiers and civilians can Obama have all over his hands before his Cultists say, "enough is enough!" When will Obama be held to the same standard by The Left as was W. Bush? How much longer will Warmonger Obama continue receiving the Coveted Free Pass from his Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP)?

He's not my Führer!
He's a Warmonger who is illegally occupying Afghanistan and Iraq!

Obama is no peacemaker. He's a Warmonger.

As Iran was Jimmy Carter's Waterloo, Afghanistan will hopefully be Obama's Waterloo. The world cannot afford eight years of this tyrannical Warmonger.


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