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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dead Ted Kennedy Jokes;
Because Tragedy+Time=Comedy

Heard any Dead Ted Kennedy Jokes, yet?

Add 'em as a comment if you have.

Oh, and just a note, nothing - and I mean nothing - is off limits. Go for it.

Here are a few. Celebjihad:

    * Ted Kennedy has been sober for 12 hours now.

    * I wonder if Ted Kennedy’s funeral will be open bar?

    * How did people find out Ted was dead? He didn’t show up to the bar this morning.

    * Ted Kennedy never became president because unlike George Washington, he couldn’t cross a river.

And a few more Dead Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy jokes. Yankees Daily:

    * Ted Kennedy is a shovel ready project. (My favorite so far!)

    * If Ted Kennedy is to be buried in Martha’s Vineyard, the island will sink below sea level.

    * They have named a drink after Ted Kennedy. It’s called the Chappaquiddick. It’s made by mixing Gin and murky water.

It's all funny, because Tragedy Plus Time Equals Comedy!


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In today's financial news...

Teddy Kennedy dead. Liquor industry expected to be next Detroit.
No shit. We should have shorted the liquor stocks. Well, they still might be rising, after all, the rest of the living Kennedys have to dull their senses. After this weekend, booze stocks will probably decline.
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