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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Why Won't Keith Ellison Release The Details Over His Paid Trip To Mecca?

Minnesota U.S. CommieCrat Congressman Keith al-Ellison asks the following question in response to an all expense-paid trip he took to Mecca last year. Boston Herald:

    Ellison said that he is "not privy to the internal workings of the organization" that covered his costs, and that he complied with all House Ethics panel disclosure requirements. "Why should I waive a right that’s accorded me under the rules?" he said.

What? But Keith, where's the Transparency?

From the Boston Herald:

    Tax records show the group that paid Ellison’s expenses, the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, received nearly $900,000 in taxpayer money in 2006 and 2007 from a rental arrangement for Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA), a charter school in Inver Grove Heights, Minn. a Twin Cities suburb.

    The man who accompanied Ellison to Mecca, Asad Zaman, is executive director of the TiZA school, a political contributor of Ellison’s and was president of the Muslim American Society until August, when the Mecca trip was planned.

    TiZA has been sued by the American Civil Liberties Union and probed by state officials for allegedly promoting Islam, which would violate the church and state separation required of public schools — including charter schools.

    The school received state funding to pay rent to the Muslim American Society Property Holding Corp., a nonprofit spinoff of the Muslim American Society that owned the building. The corporation then turned over $879,000 to the Muslim society as a grant.

    Those close connections have opened Ellison to questions about the nature of the trip. Ellison on Tuesday called it "a private trip," adding that he had told the ethics committee of the trip beforehand and received its approval. A spokesman for the school says no public money was used for the trip, or Hajj, which Ellison took as a once-in-a-lifetime fulfillment of his religious duty as a practicing Muslim. The 16-day pilgrimage is considered one of the most solemn acts in Islam, one that is supposed to be undertaken free of debts and unmet family obligations.

    Ellison has justified withholding the cost by citing the religious nature of his journey to Saudi Arabia, saying it had nothing to do with his duties as a congressman.

    Such trips generally must be reported under congressional gift rules that call for full financial disclosure. IRS rules, moreover, bar nonprofit religious groups from furthering individuals’ "private interests."

    Ellison, however, reported the trip under more permissive House rules for outside business activities — Boy Scout trips, for example — that are unrelated to congressional duties, but which are not purely for private benefit. Those rules do not require cost accounting.

    A public figure who has faced some hostility as the first Muslim member of Congress, Ellison has been reluctant to reveal details of the trip, which is estimated to have cost several thousand dollars.

Keith receives the Coveted Free Pass, because he's a Moonbat Barking America-hating Liberal.

Nice try, there, Keith, trying to put the Boy Scouts in the same category as TiZA and MAS. Like the Boy Scouts are going to fork over thousands of dollars to pay for a trip to any politician? Give me a break.

Keith al-Ellison, working hard to bring Sharia Law to America.

Some consider the MAS the equivalent of a modern day Nazi party. FOX News:

    Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison's groundbreaking pilgrimage to Mecca [was] paid for by an American Muslim organization that has ties to Islamic radicals and is "the Muslim equivalent of the neo-Nazi party," his critics say.


    The trip was funded by the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, a non-profit interfaith group that is one of 55 branches of the MAS nationwide. The pilgrimage was hailed by Muslim activists in the U.S.


    "It is the de facto arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.," said Steven Emerson, director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism. "The agenda of the MAS is to ... impose Islamic law in the U.S., to undermine U.S. counterterrorism policy."

    The MAS was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an international Islamist movement created in Egypt in 1928. Radical members of the Brotherhood founded the terror group Hamas and were among the first members of Al Qaeda.

    The Muslim American Society's former secretary general has acknowledged that the group was founded by the Brotherhood, and in 2004 he estimated that about half of MAS members were in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Today's American Liberal is tomorrow's latest and newest recruit by a terrorist organization, and we have these people elected and serving in Congress; people just like Keith al-Ellison. How nice.

American Liberals and American Progressives are America's Taliban, al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Nazi Party all wrapped into one. They simply hate America; just hate it. They loathe their country, unfortunately, they never hate it quite enough to move elsewhere.

If Keith al-Ellison loves Sharia Law so much, I suggest he move to a country where it already exists as the law of the land instead of subversively trying to insert it into American jurisprudence.


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You seriously must be retarded. Have you ever met Keith? He's got a great wife, four kids, and he's advocating for issues like health care, education, renewable energy (you know, stuff that IMPROVES PEOPLE'S LIVES). What the fuck is Sharia law? Are you retarded? Keith al-Ellison? What the fuck justifies your bigotry? You must be fucking retarded or something. Go fuck yourself, loser. You must live a sad and lonely life, with no love and no brain, you fucking retarded-ass moron. I can't believe how retarded you are. Why do you think Muslims are bad people? It's because of people like you that we have so much hate in the world. Mellow out dude. You are seriously insane. You need some time for self-reflection bro because you're clearly in a bad place mentally right now. Go to a low-income Somali neighborhood to volunteer sometime. Go to a local Mosque to meet a few Muslims. You'll see that there is nothing to hate. They are a great people. And just because Keith is Muslim, doesn't mean he hates America. He's a US Congressman you dumbass. You're crazier than Michele Bachmann. What are some examples of Keith trying to implement Sharia Law? Is that what he's been up to this whole time? How can you be so intolerant?! Can't we just all get along? Agree to disagree and not clearly show how racist and how big of a bigot you are? You are a stupid ass bigot you dumb motherfucking racist retard.

I take it you don't see any conflict of interest then, and no reason for any investigation into him accepting a paid-for trip?

Not that I mind potty mouth language, I have a rich, full, extensive profane vocabulary that has made professionals blush and of which I am most proud. But you realize you totally diminish your intellectual level and degree of legitimacy when you express yourself as poorly as you do and with such a narrow view of the issue at hand.

For all you know, I'm a Muslim. How do you know I'm not? How do you I didn't vote for al-Ellison?

I'm connecting the dots. I like to connect the dots because Liberals like you make the unfounded accusations that bad things happen when others don't connect the dots.

al-Ellison is a Muslim. I don't have a problem with that. But it's a "dot."

Here's some other "dots" connected to that "dot":

* an organization paid for his trip.

* that organization is " the de facto arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.," according to an expert in terrorism.

* Ellison is taking measure to not fully disclose the details of the trip.

You would never allow a Republican or Independent escape the same questions as you allow al-Ellison.
You're not really part of al-Ellison's staff, are you Brenda? I'm asking because of the link to your name.

Does Keith endorse his staff to react with profane rants to legitimate questions? Doesn't seem very professional to me.
"Keith al-Ellison, working hard to bring Sharia Law to America."

Probably not as hard as Barrack (Saddam) Hussein is right now.

Remember David, as Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Pbama said: It's not God bless America, it's God damn America!!!

Yeah right...

As far as bringing stuff to the table David, thanks a lot but it would be fair enough to say that Molson and Mats are doing a heck of a job too.
David, you're our favorite moslem as far as being against Obama goes since radical Islam hates Obama even more than you do despite his reaching out "friendly hand" to Ahmadinejad and friends not to forget the leftist apologist "muttafockas" (great slang word by the way).
I dunno Tym, I'm waiting for "Brenda" to return and 'splain to me where I'm wrong. Guess I connected those dots too well. If you're going to pal around with someone who befriends Hamas and terrorists organizations, don't try to hide it, which is what al-Ellison is doing. Brenda can't handle that. She believes al-Ellison is a pure as the wind-driven snow and would never have any subversive agenda. Hell, ALL LIBERALS have a subversive agenda, the only difference is how deep they go.

I'm your favorite Moslem? Do I get to hide and seal my birth certificate like Barry? Am I entitled to affirmative action? ;-)

Molson and Mats and you always have a great "take" on issues. Theodore too. I am blessed with intelligent, insightful commenters who are not afraid to tell me where I have sometimes make an error (and I have and I correct it and always try to give credit to the person who brought it to my attention). Almost all my commenters fall into this category. And then we have the other category, the one where "Brenda" falls in. Heh. They're a funny group, and I mean funny like in sad, pathetic and - if they weren't such assholes - I'd pity and feel sorry for them.



Come on Brenda. Lemme have it. Give me your best shot. I'm betting you have a big hairy pair of low-hangers.


You're a worthless cunt and you know it.

Come on Brenda...come on CUNT. Where are you?

BWA HA HA HA HA! Go douche with gasoline and then strike a match.
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