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Sunday, July 19, 2009

"We've Lost" In Afghanistan

"We've Lost!" Harry doesn't say that now, though, does he?

Where is CommieCrat Senate Majority Leader (heh...Leader...) Harry "We've Lost" ReidTard
when you need him?

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's Illegal Occupation of Afghanistan and his surge continues resulting in record-high deaths and a spiralling and deteriorating situation. From Stars and Stripes:

    Halfway through this month, U.S. and coalition deaths in Afghanistan have already equaled record highs for operations there, with more than half of the casualties coming from improvised explosive devices.

    Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell acknowledged that fatalities are continuing “at an alarming rate” and that more must be done to protect troops from roadside bombs and other indirect attacks.


    The Associated Press reported that so far this month, 24 U.S. and at least 47 international coalition servicemembers have died in Afghanistan. That total matches the previous record high for U.S. deaths, set in June and August last year, and passes the previous total for NATO deaths.

You know...if "we" just retreated; if we simply withdrew our forces from Afghanistan, there would be peace. But there is only dutiful and obedient silence from the Military-hating Liberals who spent most of the W. Bush years protesting both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. I guess Liberals approve of American Imperialism when a Liberal is in charge, it's the only logical conclusion one can reach.

Remember when The Left was dead-set against the Military surge in Iraq under Bush? Remember when The Left said nothing about Pbama's Afghanistan surge? What has Pbama's
Illegal Occupation of Afghanistan brought us? More deaths of U.S. Soldiers and Afghanistan civilians and an exodus of Afghan citizens from their homes.

Three more Minnesota National Guardsmen killed in Iraq and another in Afghanistan.
Their blood is all over Pbama's hands.

"We've Lost. Oh, how We have Lost."


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