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Monday, July 06, 2009

Run Haji Run Fireworks Draws Ire of CAIR

Except for sparklers and snakes - those little black pellets you put on a sidewalk, touch a flame to and watch grow into a serpentine pile of ash - fireworks are illegal in Minnesota. So Minnesotans do what all good, Fourth of July celebrants do. We drive over to Wisconsin where fireworks are legal and buy them there. Then we drive back into Minnesota, harboring illegal contraband in our vehicle, pretending we're Al Capone with our illicit stash.

Most of what I quote from this story comes from TwinCities.com, but linking directly to the story is blocked, so search the title, Muslim group urges fireworks retailers to pull Anti-Arab product from shelves, Group cites 'derogatory imagery' By Elizabeth Mohr.

The story says a "local shopper," found a Baldwin, Wisconsin fireworks retailer selling a Fourth of July fireworks product named "Run Haji Run." The packaging of the product has upset the Minnesota Chapter of Can't Antagonize Islamic Radicals the Council on American-Islamic Relations, known as CAIR.

The packaging depicts "men in Middle Eastern-style clothing riding camels with a stealth bomber flying over them. On another side is an image of Uncle Sam pulling the beard of a graying man in a turban."

The local shopper contacted CAIR, which describes "Run Haji Run's" decorative wrapping paper as, "derogatory imagery," said Jessica Aikri, spokeswoman for CAIR's St. Paul office.

CAIR phoned the retailer and asked them to stop selling "Run Haji Run." The story states that the retailer purchased it from Red Rhino Fireworks who said that they do not manufacture the product, which is imported from China.

The president of the Red Rhino, Steve Houser said, "I've been here for three years and I haven't seen one."

Maybe the bearded man, having his beard pulled by Uncle Sam, is Osama Bin Laden? The packaging doesn't say it is or isn't. But if it is Bin Laden, and it could be, it looks like him, I'd say there's a reason for Uncle Sam to yank his beard.

And the stealth bomber flying over Arabic men dressed in Middle Eastern-style clothing? The stealth bomber is FLYING over them, not dropping bombs.

If you want to split infinite hairs, I like to think that I can do it with the best of them.

The item was produced in China, people...China. China. Not the U.S. I'm sure those evil, ChiComs envisioned exactly this scenario happening. I'm sure the Chinese graphic artists who conceptualized this idea and produced it, along with corporate management, all sat down and had a good laugh over the images of the Stealth Bomber and Uncle Sam pulling the beard.

It's not like Islamo-Radicals have ever rioted over, say, a cartoon. It's not like Islamo-Radicals have ever declared a holy war on others during the course of several centuries. It's not like Islamo-Radicals tied to Bin Laden ever hi-jacked airplanes and used them in an act of terrorism and war. Certainly, Islamo-Radicals have never threatened to annihilate other countries, people or beheaded an innocent person.

I am pleased to learn hundreds of thousands of Muslims protest acts of violence committed in the name of their religion. I am pleased to see sites where Muslims condemn violence and acts of terrorism. I'd like to hear CAIR a little more loudly on these issues than the packaging of fireworks. When I do, I'll be able to take them seriously when they are offended by items like "Run Haji Run."

CAIR could lend itself better creditability by severing its ties and associations with the terrorist group Hamas. Along with that, the FBI cuts ties with CAIR due to Hamas issues.


Other sources for this story:

CAIR welcomes withdraw of "Run Haji Run" fireworks. PR Newswire

'Racist' fireworks sold in Wisconsin. KSTP News

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Well "Run Hadji Run" isn't nearly as catchy as "Death to Israel" so no wonder CAIR is all pissed off. Plus the label says "shoots flaming balls". Everyone knows CAIR much prefers "flaming balls shooting". It's just one of those word things. It gets worse. The label also says "never have any part of your body over the device when lighting the fuse". When flaming balls are shooting, CAIR is definitely gonna have body parts over it.
Molson, well said! Spot on!
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