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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama Eyeballs 16-Year Old Mayara Tavares

Who knew Barack Hussein Obama, Junior would eyeball a 16-year old girl?

What a pervert. A sick, sick, sick, disgusting man. Barack Hussein Obama, Junior eyeballing and ogling a 16-year old child.

The MSM is desperately trying to spin it that Pervert Obama was looking at the step he was descending so he wouldn't trip or fall. Yeah...uh-huh...riiiiiiiight. Look at the image.

Even horndog French President Nicolas Sarkozy looks on, astonished at Barry's infatuation with the rear end of a child. And yes, she is a child.

Does it appear PervBarry is looking at the step or drooling and ogling the butt of a 16-year old girl. It's like the "Seinfeld" episode where George Costanza is caught staring at the cleavage of the underage daughter of the TV executive. Any healthy male might take a quick peek, but like Costanza, Barry is just drooling over an underage girl. What a sicko.

Of course, this behavior from Liberals is common nowadays, lest we forget David Letterman recently joking about raping 14-year old Willow Palin (daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah and husband Todd Palin).

Anything goes with Liberals these days. Jokes about rape from Letterman and Al "Rape Is Funny" Franken to Obama obviously caught in what sexual harassment education defines as ogling.

I wonder if Obama groped her? Did the photographer snap a shot of that and found that his camera was confiscated by Pbama's SS Jackboot Lickers?

From Brazzil Magazine:

    On Thursday, July 9, a representative of each national delegation had the opportunity to meet the leader of their own country for a picture.

    The Brazilian representative, the carioca (from Rio de Janeiro) Mayara Tavares, a 16-year-old beauty on its way to meet Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, caught the eyes of a discreet Nicolas Sarkozy and a much less discreet Barack Obama, the presidents of France and the United States respectively.

    The picture showing Obama's covetous gaze at the girl's derriere has become very popular in the Internet.

There's nothing - not one single thing - discreet about Obama.

Remember last year when The MSM ran a photo of John McCain, implying he was looking at Sarah Palin's butt? Remember how The Left had so much fun with that?

Well, now we have Obama drooling over some chick's butt. The difference is at least McCain, if he was taking a glimpse of Palin's butt, took a glance of someone who is an adult and legal age.

But since Barry lives on the
DL, this might all be for show. It's not Michelle Pickles the Dangerous Washerwoman who'll be jealous, oh no, it will be Barry's vanilla boyfriend Mike Signator.

I'll ask what I've asked before: will it be Malia or Sasha that's the first to get knocked up and have an abortion while in the White House?


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At first glance it looks like Fraudy wants to tap that loli ass. Given enough crack, he probably would. However, Fraudy loves the cock, so it was probably just a show to impress Sarkozy. I doubt it worked.
The f*cking guy does not even have the decency to keep it to himself in public places.

Just imagine what can go on in PRIVATE places (as if nowaday presidents had any privacy).
"Did the photographer snap a shot of that and found that his camera was confiscated by Pbama's SS Jackboot Lickers?"

Of course they did not since we got the picture.

With around a thousand photographers trying to take pictures of mister sicko president at the same time, it would have taken an army of bootlickers to get rid of ALL the pictures.

But we would have got that on Fox news at least while CNN would be trying to divert attention with another Jackson's scandal.
Molson, Tym, yeah, like the linked story says, a "much less discreet Obama."

Tym..."Did the photographer snap a shot of that and found that his camera was confiscated by Pbama's SS Jackboot Lickers?", that's my sarcasm coming through Tym. Discerning eyes recognize this. ;)
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