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Monday, July 20, 2009

Angry Pissant Little Liberals

You wouldn't believe the angry comments and threatening e-mails I've received on the Controversial Malia and Sasha Pregnant Post.

I might get around to publishing some of the comments, then again maybe not. I haven't decided yet. If you haven't done so - and this is directed to all the LOSER Pbama Cultists Crybabies out there - please familiarize yourselves with my Comment policy which is very clearly stated at the bottom of this page; just scroll all the way down.

Please be advised that comments and e-mails that threaten to do physical harm to me are taken very seriously. You're IP address and other identifying information is all being kept and, if necessary, will be turned over to the proper authorities.

This is just like the Angry Pissant Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP), isn't it - - - to retaliate with threats and intimidation? For a bunch of cowards, pacifists and appeasers, they sure are a hate-filled, narrow-minded, racist bunch of Losers.

Please keep hyping the Malia-Sasha post, along with any other post you incorrectly feel the need to label "racist" with your kneejerk reactions. I appreciate the increase in traffic and hits to my blog.

Afterthought: Hey, all you pissant, obedient, dutiful Pbama Cultists, do me a favor and keep publicizing the Malia-Sasha post, will 'ya? Call all the national Liberal Talk Radio shows and bring it to their attention. Keep PROMOTING MY BLOG, please? Gee...maybe my favorite Liberal Radio Talker Ed "The Wife Beater/Drunken Dog Killer" Schultz will have me on his program as a guest. Thanks.


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They won't. Liberals like that hate to see the truth displayed in broad day light and hate to see the public know about their dispicable strategies.

They like to keep it very low low profile.
I agree with you, Tym.

I'll take their insults and their false accusations of being racist, or sexist, or whatever - that's all fine But when it comes to actual threats of bodily harm and intimidation, that's where it ends and the authorities enter.

The same pacifist crowd that bends over and takes it up the chute from terrorists turns violently ugly when it comes to someone like me. So much for tolerance, hope and change, huh?

The Libs and Progs are despicable.

Appreciate you commenting on this issue very much.


Now, onto a much more important topic, that being the NHL. Will there be a Canadian team in the Cup Playoff in the upcoming season? Edmonton is going through some changes in coaching and line up. Could they be a contender?
I have recently found your blog which I read everyday while drinking coffee(sometimes spitting it out all over my desk due to laughter) love this story, it’s funny how the lefty loonytunes are crying these kids are private citizens and therefore should be untouchable, Joe the plumber was a private citizen, yet they dug all in his private life, poor baby trig was a private citizen the attack on him was purely evil, not to mention poor Bristol she was called a whore, Obama has put miserable manchelle ( not a typo) and his kids on national display and I say all is fair in politics keep up the good work !
This is rich. Socialists are distressed by the usage of THEIR tactics against them?
Yes, they are Mats. Who knew that Socialists would object to...


...to Socialism and their own tactics being applied back onto them?

They have such thin-thin skin.

I sincerely don't know about Edmonton, they got the Bulin wall as their goalie, but he is old. Is it going to be enough to win the cup? I sincerly doubt so. Last year, they did not even make the playoffs and their season end was plainly disastrous.

Now for serious matters, Montreal. The face of Montreal has changed dramatically with the loss of Koivu, Kovi, Komisarek, Higgins and Kostopoulos just to name a few. With the adding of Gomez, Gionta, Camalleri, Spacek, Gill, Mara just to name those guys, to me they traded 4 quarters for a bux. They still have to sign a few more like Tanguay and Bouillon so we can get a better picture. With the change of coaches and the addition of Jacques Martin as the head coach, things are going to be better off this way.

I expect lots of canadian teams to make the playoffs, they all have a chance. Does it mean that they will win the cup? Honestly, I don't know. I believe teams like Chicago, Detroit, Anaheim, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New Jersey (with the addition of old coach Jacques Lemaire former Stanley cup winner with the Devils) will still be Stanley cup contenders and will be something to watch. However, we'll see if Boston and San Jose can break up the mold of being strong in the season but weak in the playoffs (the Joe Thornton curse I believe).

Were you disappointed that Saku Koivu did not sign with Minnesota to come play with his brother Mikko? Unlike the Sedins who are inseparable, Mikko and Saku, according to Saku would not have made a good pair since Saku told the media that he feld he would have stole or played in Mikko's fame in Minnesota.

On the other hand, isn't it a little pathetic not having to talk about something else than hockey in the middle of summer (especially here in Montreal, in Minessota, you still have the Twins).

By the way, I got a question for you. How come teams like the Twins or the Wild are named after the state and not the city they are playing in? (same thing for the Devils or the Hurricanes or the Panthers too in the NHL for instance).

It would have been nice for the Koivu Bro's to play together on the same team. Yeah.

Agreed it is far too early to predict who will be in the playoffs and Cup. Detroit, NJ, the Rangers (now with Gaborik), Philly, Pittsburg, Calgary, yes, all good teams who could be in the playoffs and Cup series.

I don't know why MN teams are not named after the cities they play in. Great quesion, alas I have no answer. I could guess that MN is too "warm fuzzy touchy feely" to name a team after the city and wants the "whole state" to feel good about and support the "state" team. But it's only a guess on my part.
"I don't know why MN teams are not named after the cities they play in. Great quesion, alas I have no answer. I could guess that MN is too "warm fuzzy touchy feely" to name a team after the city and wants the "whole state" to feel good about and support the "state" team. But it's only a guess on my part."

Good point. The thing is some states have 2 hockey, baseball, football, basketball or what not teams so to me it's a little unfair for the other team (for instance in the NHL, there is Tampa Bay and Florida while Tampa is inside Florida, why one more than the other if we are to believe that the whole state (or province as a matter of fact) is to cheer for one side.

Anyhow, in Montreal, we got a great back up goalie in the name of Curtis Sandford. What the hell, he might as well replace Price that I would have shipped in Moscow for absolutely nothing in return.

You are spot on on the cities/state names. One looks at the pro teams in Cali and all of them are named after the city they reside, not the state.

Colorado is kind of in the same mode as Minn with the Rockies & Avalance. The only team they have named after a city is the Denver Nuggets.

The Packers are named for Green Bay, not Wisconsin.

I can understand the whole "naming the team after the state not the city" thing when there is only one professional franchise in a particular sport in the state. After that, the team name should probably take the name of the city. But that's just me, and, unfortunately, I don't own a professional sports franchise! ;-)

Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment here and the other post. (explained there).

Pleased you enjoy the blog. Joe the Plumber was a private citizen and he was vilified by The Left. Excellent analogy.

The Obama's pimped (for lack of a better word) their children out for "the vote" while The Left criticized the Palins for doing the same thing. No difference than the Clinton's saying "leave Chelsea alone" during Hillary's presidential campaign, but they did the same thing, pimped her out and splashed her all over when they needed the votes and the attention from the press.
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