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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Al Franken: Senator Select

The vote of the people in Minnesota doesn't matter. Instead, Minnesota's Supreme Court selected a U.S. Senator in Al Franken.

This decision should be a kick in the head to the Republican Party, but its leaders are probably still asking themselves, "duh...what did we do wrong?" Well, first off, you accepted RINO Norm Coleman into the party. Second are those that supported Coleman, especially those that supported him in his bid for reelection. The rest writes itself.

Liberals don't care how they win, they just want to win. Until I see the same demeanor and attitude from Republicans, preferably Conservative ones, I won't be getting excited or angry or sad when Liberals steal elections.

The voice and ballot of Minnesota voters no longer matter. The MN Supreme Court overruled the vote of the people. Every vote counts doesn't matter.


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Congress is actually a spaceship sent by aliens to collect one of every kind of asshole in existence and return them to the mothership. With Fraken's appointment, the asshole collection mission can be considered complete. Takeoff is any day now.
The collection of assholes is complete with Franken. No shit! Well said, Molson, as only you can say it.

When they takeoff to return to their home planet, can we convince the aliens to take Barry, Pelsoshit and the rest of the LiberTards with them? And the Liberal Cultists?
Franken the FAT Bolshevik.. Good Lord, have we got a bunch of evil excrement & BAD commediennes in CHARGE.
FAT Bolshevik. That is a perfect label for him, someone who is always quick to label others.
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