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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Afghanistan Deadly Under Obama

We're not hearing the usual outrage over the increasing deaths in Afghanistan because the Liberals are now running the war. W. Bush and Cheney are out. The war dead, and those injured, now squarely belong to Barack Hussein Obama, Junior and Herr Joe Biden and, of course, the Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP). They own the loss of lives and injuries and have since January 20th.

Afghanistan, site of Obama's Surge, experienced the highest one-day death toll in nearly a year. Slate:

    The Los Angeles Times leads with news that seven U.S. troops were killed in Afghanistan yesterday, the highest one-day death toll in nearly a year. Military officials warn that American casualties are likely to increase as more troops get sent to Afghanistan. According to an independent tally, 95 U.S. and 76 coalition troops have died in Afghanistan this year. Three other NATO soldiers, one from Britain and two from Canada, were also killed yesterday. Five British troops have been killed in the past week.

APee reports civilians in Pakistan killed from U.S. drone attacks.

And Anti-War reports civilians killed and injured in Mosul, an 18 year-old civilian, two police officers and 14 others injured.

The number of war dead no longer matters to most Liberals, it's no longer an issue. This is because they are averse to accepting responsibility.

What you won't hear from The Liberals is, "Bring The Troops Home Now!"

"No more War for oil!"

"No More Surges!"

War, bloodshed, flesh and treasure is an expendable commodity when Liberals are in charge. You don't have to believe my opinion at all. You need only to observe the behavior of the Pbama Cultists and the ILCP.


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Hmmm. Whatever did happen to all the anti-war protests? Did they stop or did the Main Scum Media stop reporting them? Liberal minds don't care to know.
The Hypocrites are awfully silent over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, huh? No more unending chants of "Bring the Troops home NOW!"

"Now" is a vague and nonspecific term for the Pbama Cultists and ICLP.
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