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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pre-Cut Tape Strips

Pre-Cut Tape strips...

...because - apparently - pulling out a section of tape and, mind you, doing the arduous and exhaustive labor of tearing that tape strip off the little, plastic, wedge-forked thingy is work that Americans will not do.

Oh, I know the argument. What if you need to use both hands when wrapping something? It's easier to have a pre-cut strip of tape. Yeah, this is one on life's greatest, most confounding issues that simply does not have an answer. Good Christ, we cannot be expected to tear off a strip or two of tape and then move to the wrapping process, can we?


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Let's just consider the shark sufficiently jumped now, hmmmm?

SNL had a skit way back (maybe with the original cast?) that took place in a store in a mall. The store was Scotch Tape World. They only sold those red plaid packs of tape.
It might come in handy for those whose hands are busy, involved in their auto-erotica asphyxiation routines. But then, it would have to be pre-cut duct tape.

I do remember the scotch tape store from SNL.

The shark has jumped. Honestly!
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