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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pittsburgh Penguins Win Stanley Cup

What a great Game Seven in the NHL Friday night. One of the best game sevens, and one of the best Stanley Cup Series, in recent memory. It was a match-up of the same two teams in last year's series, the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Red Wings defeating the Penguins in six games last year.

Friday night, the PITTSBURGH PENGUINS WON, beating the Detroit Red Wings 2 -1.

Evgeni Malkin wins Conn Smythe Trophy

The Penguins outplayed the Red Wings in Game Seven, maybe not by a lot but by enough to win. And a win is win. Remember, it was only one year ago that - while they lost the series - the Penguins defeated Detroit in game five in TRIPLE OVERTIME. IF there were any lingering ghosts from last season hanging over the Penguins, they were effectively and forever exorcised.

This was a long, multi-game series for the Penguins. They fought their way to winning the Stanley Cup. Not that other teams didn't play hard and work hard, but the Penguins - I hate to belabor the point - had to vindicate themselves for losing to the Red Wings last year.

Penguins' goalie Marc-Andre Fleury turned in an Awesome performance Friday night. At 6' 2" and around 180 pounds, he's not a physically imposing goalie, but he is wiry and bendable. He twists and turns and extends like a rubber band. Watching him make those saves was like watching a person bend himself into pretzel-like body contortions.
His last two saves in the remaining seconds of the third period were beyond yeoman.

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans - and I am one of them. They absolutely deserve to be this year's winner of The Cup.

Congratulations to my family and friends in Michigan and to the fine writers on my blogroll who live in the Detroit area and Michigan.

This was a great series for all NHL fans everywhere.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, Stanley Cup Winners

Best NHL Commercial ever...


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The following comment, directed at commenter EC, appears in a previous NHL post where EC predicted the winner of the Stanley Cup would be Detroit, by a score of 3 - 2:

Attention everyone,

I would like to take a moment to rub EC's face into his terrible and obviously wrong prediction of the Stanley Cup series outcome.


Eat it, EC. Eat your miserably miscalculated prognostication. ;-)
A truly great series. Somehow it feels that maybe Detroit let one slip away though in the end Detroit didn't roll over, they just got beaten.
It was a great series Molson.

Friday's Game 7 had the Pens outplay the Red Wings. Not by much, but just enough to win The Cup. No, Detroit did not roll over, they are too good for that.

Those last two saves by Fleury were amazing. He's like Rubber Man or Stretch Man of the Fantastic Four.
Is the Stanley Cup not the coolest trophy in all of sports? Of course it is.
It is Molson, it is. The coolest, bestest trophy of all sports.
I submitted a comment but I think I forgot the word verification. I congratulated the Penguins on their win & admitted by prediction of how the series would end up was wrong.
In your FACE EC, the PENGUINS IN YOUR FACE! Ha ha ha! Just giving you shit, my friend.

You prediction did not materialize and for that - as a Penguins fan - I am most pleased.
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