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Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama Misery Index Eclipses That Of W. Bush

I was wondering what the Misery Index is for Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. Well, Search and Find...Search and Find. Not to be confused with Hope and Change.

As of the end of May, 2009, The Obama Misery Index is 8.12 percent. It was 7.29 percent when George W. Bush left office in January.

BlueLori has a fine post crunching the Misery Index numbers by president.

Of course, we should not be at all surprised by Pbama's rising Misery Index. Remember, this is what he wants. His intention is to bust America. He wants Americans to suffer. He intentionally is gutting the economy. He wants massive numbers of Americans being unemployed. He cannot usher in his Fascism and Marxism unless all but the ruling Liberal Elites are suffering, cold and hungry.

Way to go Barry! Heckuva job...Heckuva Job!


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DD- Obamas has 34%ers, just as Bush had 26%ers. But, Bush, even though he screwed up, is NOTHING compared to this wild jackass anti-Christ.
I blame Obama for everything, including the shower not working right this AM.
FK OBAMA...at everything that goes wrong.

You know that I am always in a debate with Madonna, that heathen SCUM on my other blog? She is a disgusting b*tch. I wish you would think of doing one on her and her new black baby, that she only did as a publicity stunt, because she is a HAS BEEN. She hates being called a HAS BEEN.

The Mad Jewess

Of course the shower not working right is The Kenyan's fault. I agree, EVERYTHING is his fault now. That's the standard set by The Left during the Bush Admin, so they now can be on the receiving end of what they dished out and the standard they set.

Re: Madonna - I never really cared much about her. I think I wrote a post or two on her way, way back and called her by her birth name Louise, not Madonna. She doesn't deserve to be called that. She's just plain old Louise. And I agree, she is a Has Been. And yes, I agree everything she's done is calculated for the sake of publicity. No doubt about that.
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