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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Booed At AMA Event

Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior was BOOED at the AMA event he attended in Chicago. Macedonia Online:

    Barack Obama isn't used to hearing boos.

    For all the young president's popularity, the response he got Monday from doctors at an American Medical Association meeting was a sign his road is only going to get rockier as he tries to sell his plan to overhaul the nation's health care system.

    The boos erupted when Obama told the doctors in Chicago he wouldn't try to help them win their top legislative priority—limits on jury damages in medical malpractice cases.

    But what could they expect? If Obama announced support for malpractice limits, that would set trial lawyers and unions—major supporters of Democratic candidates—on the attack. Not to mention consumer groups.

While the man who won't release his Birth Certificate doesn't care a bit about reaction from consumer groups, he knows his ruling group of Fascists is totally beholden to the trial lawyers and unions. And he can't afford risking their ire.


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Careful now when booing the Messiah. FEMA Labor Camps need doctors too. Remember the typhus and keep in mind barely living slaves can do more work than dead ones.

Yeah, Obama FEMA labor camps needs doctors. Doctors like Mengele and George Tiller.

There is some great stories out there on FEMA prison camps. I've noticed some good ones at InfoWars.com and prisonplanet. I am the last person to believe conspiracy theories, but the stuff
I ran across is literally frightening.
Pbama, the Kenyian birth certificate hider will have to get used to boos and protests as he gets along with presidency since middle class America (and some Canadians too just like me and Howard Galganov) are pissed off to no end about Pbama's stranglehold on the economy which means the working classes of USA.



Well, you know...those of us who are not Pbama Cultists are only capable of clinging to our guns and our religion because we are so bitter. Elitists like Pbama know better than we do.

He should be booed wherever he goes, forever and ever.
How about his reaction to Iran's election (what a joke).

Moderation, political extreme left correctness and what not...I said to myself, this isn't the USA, has this country gone insane or what?

Sarkozy at least was bitter to no end toward Iran's electional joke.

There used to be a time when France was blamed for appeasement and cowardice toward Islamic terrorists and now, the USA has surpassed them big time.

Talk about a reversal of truths here. UNBELIVABLE!!!

I heard on the news today (Saturday) that Obama finally issued some statement about Iran's election and the increasing protests over it. It sounded pretty mealy-mouthed to me.


BTW, earlier this week, or maybe even late last week, I published a bunch of comments (I write down which posts people comment on and then go back to that post and reply) that included one of yours. But there was ONE comment on a post that you left, a post from maybe a week or more ago, and I have no idea which post it is. I didn't want you to think I was ignoring your comment or not replying to it, I just have no idea which post it was on.

Don't worry about it, everyone makes mistakes once and a while.

I am just amazed that you take time answering all comments, that must be such a hassle.



Well, I enjoy replying to comments whether they be from those who agree or those who can intellectually and honestly disagree. Even the periodic raving Moonbat comment is fun to reply to, if for no other reason than to taunt them.

(See post above: "Obama's Foreign Policy: Say Nothing" - which is the first time I ever asked a commenter (named JJ) to no longer comment here.)

I always learn something from your comments and the comments from others. Even if I may not agree.

We never stop learning. Well, some decide to stop learning, and this is at their own peril. I don't know a lot about a lot, but I do know a little bit about a lot of things.
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