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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mark Sanford and John Ensign Qualified
To Switch Political Parties

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Democrat Republican and U.S. Senator from Nevada John Ensign Democrat Republican both had an extra marital affair. Why the fuss? Hell, if anything, cheating on their wives more than qualifies them to join the political party of Infidelity...also known as the Democrat Party.

Ensign had an affair during a time he was separated from his wife. So what?

Sanford, kicked out of his home by his wife, had an affair. So what?

Big Deal. It's not like they cheated on a wife who was battling terminal cancer.

Top to bottom: The Bill and Hillary Clinton,
Elizabeth and John Edwards,
Jim and Dina McGreevey.

Great examples of flawless Liberal Marriages

The Hypocritical Left is out in full force over these two men. Apparently, The Left forgets their own Bill Clinton, John Edwards and any Kennedy male - to name the Big Three - who can't keep their winky in their pants.

Oh, and let's not forget former New Jersey Democrat Governor Jim McGreevey who, while married with children, enjoyed wholesome sexual relationships with men at truck stops and gay bookstores. Ah...love, sweet, wholesome love. At truck stops. I think all happy, long-term relationships get their start at romantic locations like truck stops, don't they?

I'd be remiss in not mentioning disgraced former New York Attorney General Eliot "I love whores" Spitzer. He's putting himself on a pedestal saying, that he "is no Mark Sanford
." The NY Post:

    "I didn't fall in love with any of them," Spitzer was overheard telling LMDC executive director Avi Schick[.]

No, Eliot, you didn't fall in love with them. You only PAID FOR WHORES. You see, prostitution is only illegal when someone other than a Liberal is caught red-handed in it. Didn't Spitzer try to convince his whore to have unsafe sex? I recall he tried to talk her into sex without him having to wear a condom. This...from the "safe-sex" preaching Liberal crowd? Oh, not a big problem really. I'm sure if he had knocked up some whore he would have done what all good wife-cheating Liberal husbands do and offer to pay her abortion.
Oh, Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Liberal!

Faithful Liberal Husbands. (L to R) Bubba, Edwards, Creepy McGreevey, Fat Ted

Hillary stood by her serial-cheating husband and continues to do so. Elizabeth Edwards is a fool to stay in her marriage. Dina McGreevey made the right choice in divorcing her truck-stop-cruising husband. Ted Kennedy, that good good Catholic boy, divorced his first wife (he drove her to alcoholism) and has caused nothing but pain and suffering to every woman he's had a personal relationship with.

If nothing else, the least that can be said about Ensign and Sanford is that they didn't leave a woman to die over what experts say was a horrifying four hour slow death. No wonder Ted's a drunk, he has to booze up to numb the pain he's caused so very many people.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and with the world still wait for the MSM to dig into the multitude of reports over Cult Leader Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's secret gay lifestyle*.

Malia or Sasha resemble their Kenyan-born dad. They both look like mom Michelle Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman.

So one has to ask, who is the real biological father of Malia and Sasha? When will the press dig into Barry's gay secret lifestyle? Don't hold your breath, unless you've got two lung-fulls of The Chronic!

* Hat Tip: Mean Ol Meany.


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HAHAHAHA, great one Dave!! But you left out the worthless liberal queer Barney Frank and his male prostitution ring that he "was not running" out of his house.
So Fraudy loves the cock. No wonder Pickles is always looking so pissed. Well Pickles ever think to try a strap on?

But...but..Barney said he wasn't aware of the prostitution ring.

What---? You don't believe him?


So Fraudy loves the cock.

I wasn't expecting that for your first line. (snot bubbles coming out of my nose from laughing!) (sorry if that brings a bad visual).

Yeah, and ck out a few posts up from this one, PICKLES IS A BOOZER! No wonder...she has to drown out all those horrible things The Kenyan does behind her back, but she knows all about them.

The "Pickles Strap-On" -- heh -- you have my mind going in Photoshop places that are rude, crude, over-the-top adult/naughty humor - but funny...damn funny. I gotta think about that.
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