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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fire Letterman!

The Left feigns outrage at the protests over David Letteman joking about Willow Palin being raped.

Yeah...like The Left has never, ever protested against anyone or anything or boycotted the sponsors of someone they decided to "attack."

Does the name Don Imus ring a bell?

How about Clarence Thomas?

Carrie Prejean?

Doctor Laura?

Oh, The Left went after the above people and so very many more.

Check out Fire David Letterman.com and find out what you can do to help get David Letterman fired. Scroll through the page and you'll find the names and e-mail addresses of the CBS executives to contact and tell them FIRE DAVID LETTERMAN!

Fire David Letterman!

Crowds are lining up outside CBS protesting Letterman and calling for his firing. NY Daily News:

    An apology from David Letterman was good enough for Sarah Palin - but not for protesters who demanded the late night host's dismissal Tuesday at a Broadway demonstration.

    "Fire Dave! Fire Dave!" the crowd of about 50 protesters chanted as Letterman fans filtered into the Ed Sullivan Theater for the show's taping.

    "I hope to have him see the light," said demonstrator Josephine Sarnok, 59, of Newark. "I think it was over the line."

    BettyJean Kling, 61, accused Letterman of using the Alaska governor's family to boost his ratings. She stood by a large plywood sign with the words "Fire the pervert" spray-painted across the front.


    Letterman sparked the controversy with a crack about Palin's visit to Yankee Stadium last week. The one-time GOP vice-presidential candidate attended the game with her 14-year-old daughter, Willow.

DaTechGuy explains it perfectly:

    The Governor was offended and called Letterman on it. Letterman’s response was insufficient so the Governor and her supporters persisted. Now Mr. Letterman has issued a 2nd apology and the Governor has accepted. As far as she is concerned honor is satisfied so the matter is closed. Who am I to say otherwise?

    My goal wasn’t a scalp. My goal was to have the same rules applied to defend the honor of conservative woman in general and Governor Palin that would be applied if a a liberal woman’s honor was outraged.

Of course, we really would never hear the likes of a Letterman make such crude, lewd, perverted jokes about the children of Liberals, would we?


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Letterman is too stupid to be fired. The left loves stupid.
The Left does love them their stupid. It would be nice to see, at least, he get suspended like Imus received.

But nothing will happen to Bitter Letterman.
He needs to go. His remarks are unacceptable to anyone-regardless of politcal persuasion. He is not funny, not entertaining, and he is an embarrassment to tv in general.
Fire him-he is not worth watching. There must be some people with talent who could take over that stupid show and make it into something entertaining.
You people need to get a life. There was not any jokes about rape. Why not check your facts better? Mr. Satan... nice name for someone who acts like they are better than everyone else. Go to hell Mr. Satan!
David Letterman crossed the line when he joked on his show about how A-Rod might knock-up Gov. Palin’s 14 year-old daughter at a Yankees game!

Even after 3 apologies there is a big public movement for CBS to fire him…


Why David Letterman should be fired!

1. “Getting Palin apology advice from former Governor Blagojevich”

2. “Ratings, Ratings, Ratings…Too many seasons as Jay Leno’s Bi-atch!"

3. ”A-Rod says, at least his rash did not come from sticking his foot in his mouth”

4. “Dave’s Gov. Palin daughters comments are now making George W. look good!”

5.. “CBS is even thinking about letting Donald Trump “Do The Honors”

6. “Dave recently let slime ball Howard Stern do his show in a boo cocky stained shirt”

7. “So Dave can get ready for being on the next season of "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!"

8. “Dave should do like BRETT AVRE…and get the F out!”

9. "Oprah, Uma; Uma, Oprah” It never went away!


“Ironically...His crude joke about a young girl backfired! BECAUSE…Dave being from Indiana (a Union State) means that his girlfriend WAS actually knocked-up by a Yankee”
I suscribed to the mailing list.

Let's see where it gets us.


Anonymous at 12:15AM June 17

and Eileen P:

I agree with your comments and appreciate your input. Thanks for commenting and visiting.

Clearly, neither of you are fooles.
Anonymous at 2:26 AM, June 17, 2009:

Of course the joke was about rape. You must be a foole.

You like eating Obama Shit Sandwiches, don't you? You'd support and stick up for The Kenyan like Nazis stuck up and supported Hitler.

Go douche. I can smell your stench from here.
Anony at 12:15 PM, June 17, 2009:

Good list. Did you create that on your own? Kudos if you did.

Howard Stern is less insulting than Letterman. Even Howard knows jokes about raping children are not funny.
Tym, keep us up to date, if you are able.

I heard Olive Garden dropped, for the rest of this year, their advertising on Letterman's show. That's a good start.
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