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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cigarette Smoker Obama
Signs Tobacco Legislation

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior The Cigarette Smoker
signs tobacco regulation bill. al-Reuters:

    President Barack Obama, citing his own struggle to give up smoking, signed a law on Monday giving the U.S. government broad regulatory power for the first time over cigarettes and other tobacco products.

    Obama said the law would curb the ability of tobacco companies to market their products to the young.

    "Almost 90 percent of all smokers began at or before their 18th birthday," Obama said at a White House ceremony before signing the bill.

    "I know -- I was one of these teenagers, and so I know how difficult it can be to break this habit when it's been with you for a long time."

    Obama's spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said Obama's smoking habit was "something that he continues to struggle with." He declined to answer directly whether the president still smoked. [But is Pbama still smoking crack-cocaine, Mr. Gibbs...because that's what we really want to know! - Drake]

    The law followed a campaign by tobacco industry foes in Congress for more than a decade to put cigarettes under the control of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    It allows the FDA to put strict limits on the manufacturing and marketing of tobacco products but stops short of allowing it to ban cigarettes or their addictive ingredient nicotine.

    Nearly 20 percent of Americans smoke, and tobacco use kills about 440,000 people a year in the United States due to cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other ailments.

That 440,000 figure is grossly inflated. For example, if you smoked for twenty years - say, ages 20-40 - and then quit, and die from a heart attack or cancer at age 75, the fact that you smoked is still listed as a contributing cause of your death even though you were a non-smoker for the last thirty-five years of your life. The statistics are skewed because if they weren't, the No-Smoking and medical Lobby wouldn't have the power and influence that they have.

Remember, no one group hoisted themselves up on a pedestal and proclaimed the evil, vile, insidious, filthy nature of cigarette smoking more than The Left. And now, they have their Cult Leader in the White House. And they remain dutifully silent, bestowing upon Pbama the Coveted Free Pass for his indulgence in a habit they once screamed was evil, vile, insidious and filthy.

If The Kenyan wanted to be a good role model, he would quit smoking. But he hasn't, now, has he? This can only mean that he is not a good role model.

The smokers who are hurt the most when the price of cigarettes increases are those in the lowest income brackets. I wonder if any of these morons voted for Hope and Change?


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Those are trully fantastic ears!

Too bad he can't hear the cry of freedom coming from Iran.
The Mad Kenyan should switch to filterless.

Word verification was "untesti". This is new Latin for he who is without balls. A perfect description of the Mad Kenyan.
Dave, Are the big ears on Obama your way of calling him Dumbo? This shitty piece of legislation will not curb cigarette smoking the way his dick licking toadies think it will. But it does accompish his usual goal of creating another worthless government run bureacracy that will generate mountains of red tape all the while accomplishing nothing but wasting millions of tax payer dollars.

Too bad he can't hear the cry of freedom coming from Iran. EXCELLENT! I wish I'd have thought of that line! Beautiful. You nailed it!

"Untesti" - HA! Oh, I wish you'd have saved a copy of that. That is too damn funny. And yes, it means Dear Leader is testicle-less.

The whole no-smoking thing is one of those "feel good" pieces of legislation. It gives warm fuzzies and has about as much substantive meaning as diarrhea.

Many years ago some report said that kids who start smoking at a young age steal their cigarettes from...their MOM and DAD! I guess we'll have to imprison them too.

I bet Pbama can fly with those ears, huh? He flaps them and takes off just like a helicopter!
Don't you already know that what goes for Obama doesn't necessarly goes for the American people and vice-versa.
But Tym, he is "95% smoke free!" ;(
Sure Dave but that's 5% too much.

Anyhow, Pbama is free to do whatever he wants as long as he is not doing it in public ;).
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