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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cheney More Popular Than Pelosi!

Bwa ha ha ha! Former Vice President Dick Cheney polls more favorable popularity than does Speakeress of the House Nanny Pelosi! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

From the Gallup poll:

    According to a May 29-31 Gallup Poll, 37% of Americans have a favorable view of Cheney and 34% have a favorable view of Pelosi.


    Pelosi's current image rating is more negative than positive by a 16 percentage point margin: 34% favorable and 50% unfavorable. Six months ago about equal percentages held favorable and unfavorable views of her.


    Cheney's improved ratings are mainly due to the views of independents: the percentage viewing him favorably rose from 21% in March to 37% today. There was also a slight increase in his favorable rating from Republicans, from 64% to 70%.

    Pelosi's decline since last fall is seen equally in her ratings from Republicans and independents, with little change in the views of Democrats. The percentage of Republicans viewing her favorably fell 12 points, from 21% to 9%; the same drop in favorability was seen among independents, from 37% to 25%. Sixty-two percent of Democrats now view her favorably, down just slightly from 66% in November.

Bwa ha ha ha! Madame Botox sinks. The Left and Pbama Cultists who, for so many years called Republicans and Conservatives part of the "34-percenters" have now become what they criticized! I love love love love it!

Senate Leader (heh..."Leader") Harry ReidTard's popularity is sinking as well. Politico:

    Nearly half of Nevadans have had enough of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as the powerful Democrat heads into his re-election campaign, a new Las Vegas Review-Journal poll finds.

    About a third of the state's voters would re-elect Reid if the 2010 election were held today, according to the poll, but 45 percent say they would definitely vote to replace him. Seventeen percent would consider another candidate.

And from The Sacbee:

    At Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Obama headlined an evening fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat whose home-state popularity has sagged in recent polls.


    [a] television ad painted Reid as out of touch with Nevadans, calling the senator a "tax-and-spend liberal" and "emblematic of all that's wrong in Washington."

    The group also helped organize a rally outside the Reid fundraiser. About 100 protesters chanted "Reject Reid!" to the tourists on the busy Las Vegas Strip corner.

How Low, How Low,
How Low Can Nancy and Harry Go?


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How surprising...
Isn't it? It's shocking so few support Peloshit.
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