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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Barbara Walters,
Larry King,
Diane Sawyer,
...All Three Vultures

Blood-Sucking Leech Vultures...this is what Barbara Walters, Larry King and Diane Sawyer are. Blood-Sucking Leech Vultures. If not for celebrities, none of these three people would have a career.

I was switching television channels Thursday evening during the coverage of the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. I never witnessed such blood-thirst, especially from Walters. King just salivates over the death of a celebrity. He is the Mister Macabre of television. Sawyer ranks third. Hell, six or so weeks ago King, on his program, was drooling at the thought of predicting when Fawcett would die.

These three people disgust me.

ABC ran footage of a interview Walters had done with Jackson several years ago. "Do you consider yourself eccentric," she asked him.

Define eccentric, Barbara. Because many would consider you not only eccentric but bizarre and strange, especially with your crass fascination over the details of the death of a celebrity.

Walters asked (I can't remember if it was Ryan O'Neal or Fawcett's doctor): "What was it like for Farrah to lose her hair?"

A beautiful woman loses her signature hair because of chemotherapy. Well, WTF do you think it was like, Barbara? Take a guess, Barbara - a wild guess.

Other questions Walters asked of Fawcett's doctor included:

    "Did she die peacefully?"

    "Was she conscious enough to talk to people to hear what they had to say? Was she THAT conscious?"

    "Who was at her bedside when she died?"

    "When Ryan was talking to Farrah, what was he saying?"

    "Redmond (son of Ryan and Fawcett) is in jail. Did he get to talk with her before she died?"

Rest assured, if there is blood in the water or decaying flesh, Walters is there to pick at the carcass.

Sawyer does her best to feign sympathy and concern, putting her hand on her chin, tilting her head down, working up her best efforts to emulate her Vulture Idol Walters. Diane needs to work on her ability to be morose if she wants to be more like Walters.

Conservative Radio Talker Hugh Hewitt, normally a pinnacle of good taste and reserve said, during his Thursday night program, that there was really no reason to mourn the death of Michael Jackson. He said, and I paraphrase, that if you wanted to mourn or do something, contribute to a charity that feeds starving children. While contributing to a charity that helps feed starving children is a fine humanitarian effort, why he had to link it to Michael Jackson is beyond me.

On his Friday program, Conservative Talker Glenn Beck took a "call" from Michael Jackson "phoning in" from the afterlife. Funny Glenn; hilarious. Quite the knee-slapper there. Then, in typical Beck fashion, he called Jackson a "freak."

Friday morning on his show, Conservative Talker Mike Gallagher, basically said mourning the death of Jackson was a waste of time.

The prime reason for these three Conservative Talkers saying what they said was the allegations, rumors and speculation of Jackson's inappropriate behavior with underage boys.

I like dealing in facts. I used to think Hewitt, Beck and Gallagher liked dealing in facts. But with Jackson, they leapt into the vat of judgment based on speculation, rumors and allegations.

We are a nation based on law, not speculation and rumor. I used to think this is something supported by Hewitt, Beck and Gallagher.

Here are the facts, whether or not these three Conservative Talkers (and others) like it or not: Michael Jackson was found not-guilty by a jury of his peers in a court of law on ALL 14 COUNTS of an inappropriate relationship with an underage boy.

If Hewitt, Beck or Gallagher have evidence proving otherwise, they should have brought said evidence to the attention of the court. Since they did not, I can only presume all three are talking out of their butt.

I'll say it again: Jackson was found not-guilty on ALL 14 COUNTS by a JURY of his peers. Why the above mentioned Conservative Talkers prefer to act like Liberals on this issue, using speculation and rumor as the foundation of their opinion, instead of the law and facts, surprises the hell out of me.

Martin Bashir, on Thursday night's "Nightline", speaking about Jackson and his fraternizing with children, said, "While it seemed unorthodox, it didn't seem criminal." We don't prosecute people in the U.S. for unorthodox behavior.

Now we have Hewitt, Beck and Gallagher deciding they will use speculation and rumor as their basis for their opinions. Maybe they should move their radio programs over to Air America, or whatever it's called nowadays, because that's how that network operates.

I expect Walters, King and Sawyer to be blood-drinking, carcass-eating Vultures. It's all they have to live for, it is their sole reason to exist. They feed off the success of others. If it were not for celebrities, these three people would have to get real jobs.


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The suspenders on King kill dude. Just kill.
It isn't the time to talk about Jacko's alledged crimes. He is gone now.

While people may not mourn for him, at least people should respect his family in this time of pain.But what do I know? I am just a right wing extremist.
I agree with you, Dave. Some people like to feast on someone else's corpse
Thanks EC. They were kind of a pain in the ass to photoshop.

I agree. Look, all I'm saying is so many people are judging him not on the rule of law and the decisions reached by the jury, but on speculation and rumor. And the Conservatives are the first ones to usually say, "oh, don't go judging on rumors, speculation and hearsay," yet that's exactly what they're doing with Jackson.

I can't stand Walters, Sawyer or King. They are Vultures Extremis.
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