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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

American Jewish Youths Hate Obama

I like the following story. I really do.

The Jerusalem Post:

    A new video posted on the Internet featuring inebriated American Jewish youth in a Jerusalem bar spouting hate-filled sentiments has garnered massive exposure and caused a firestorm in the media and the Jewish world.

    In the video, filmed on June 3 and titled "Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama's Cairo Address," the visitors to Israel are asked their opinions on President Barack Obama and his relationship to the Jewish state

    "You're all about talking to the Arabs," says one. "You're going to Cairo making a speech to the Muslim world trying to get them to love you, what about the Jews, man? What are we, chopped liver? You don't care about us. Are we nothing to you? Do we matter? Do you care if we get driven into the sea? Do you care if we get nuked? Are we even... ugh... do you care about us?!"

    "My grandmother was in Auschwitz, Obama," he adds. "We're not going to take any Auschwitz bullshit! Listen, Obama, my grandma's number was 1268493, I remember her number on her arm, dude. And listen, never again will we deal with this, never again!"

    "He's a f**khead... I don't know politics, but he's a s**thead! Anyone who wants to take away my gun rights is an a***ole. He's an a***ole and deserves to get shot," declares a bandana-wearing youngster.

    The camera shifts to his friend, who denounces Obama, frat-boy style: "Obama shouldn't pressure Israel for shit. Netanyahu told him to f**k himself and that's how we do it here in Israel baby, (applause) yah!"

    Another member of the group stands up and declares, "I worked for the Obama campaign, but honestly, you f**kin' with Israel, you mother, STOP IT!" He stands and points his finger at the camera lens.

    "White power, f**k the ni***rs!" declares the bandana-clad drunken youth as a final word from the group, grabbing the microphone to make his point.

    In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, Blumenthal, an American documentary filmmaker, defended his video.

    Asked about its editing, he said that in the two hours of video he collected, "no people were edited out who expressed pro-Obama sentiments."

    Why did he use the interviewees featured?

    "These were the most direct responses. I had to make the video watchable," Blumenthal said.

    He denied that using inebriated teenagers to represent "a slice of reality, but reality nonetheless," was irresponsible journalism. "Reporting is no less credible when it happens at a bar," he said.

Check out the videos, which are located at the J-Post link.

I agree with the filmmaker too, his slice of reality is reality, whether impacted by inebriation or not. In fact, one could make the argument that since liquor reduces and lowers inhibitions, the opinions expressed - as vulgar as some of them may be - are indeed accurate and legitimate reflections of reality.

If what is said in the print story and in the videos were said about a Republican president or politician, The Left would be promoting and touting the story and video as the best thing since sliced bread.

Anyone with a follicle of objectivity knows that Obama is no friend to the Jewish people or the country of Israel.


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There is 1 billion moslems worlwide include Hussein Obama and there is a few millions jews.

Do the math.

We live in a democracy right ;)?
As I was kind of getting drunk all by myself alone in my room following a big time victory of Pittsburgh Penguins (woohoo) over the die hard Red Wings and their mystic goaltender, Chris Osgood that is Chris Osbad in regular season and turns like a god goalie in the playoffs (despite total offensive dominance, Pittsburgh only mustard 2 goals over him god damn it), I came to a profound realization that when people are getting drunk, this is just like a serum of truth.

They can say afterward that it was just because they were drunk but alcohol takes out inhibitions, this is really what they are thinking and jews are getting pissed off like most whites indeed at Obama's so-called liberal (hum, hum, this is COMMUNISM big time to power 100) policies.
It was a good game 6 for the Penguins. I was sweating out that third period. Going into it, up just 2 to 1 is not enough of an edge for me to relax.

The booze does lower inhibitions, and yeah, I just thought the opinons of the Am-Jews in the video are as relevant as any, if not - like I wrote - perhaps moreso considering their inhibitions were lowered and what they said was from the heart. As I wrote, some of what they said could be considered as vulgar (the NWord, etcd) but hey, they have Free Speech. That's the essence of Free Speech, to be free to say vulgar things. Otherwise, what is the point of it?

"That's the essence of Free Speech, to be free to say vulgar things. Otherwise, what is the point of it?"

Those brainwashed by political rectitude and hypocrisy don't get it though.

How come?
I hope the 7th game will be as tight til the end.

I hope Pittsburgh will findly solve the curse of Detroit.

Not an easy mission, far from it.

Thanks for adding your comments on the First Amendment. I don't know why the brainwashed and hypocrites don't "get it."

Barring slander, libel and defamation of character, Free Speech by its definition is going to be considered inflammatory and perhaps vulgar. Just because it may be offensive to some doesn't mean it should be silenced.


On the Cup:

Whew, it has been a back and forth series, with (for me) wondering if the Penguins had any hope or skill left in them; after an 0-2 start and the 0-5 loss in game 5.

I too am pulling for Pittsburgh. The Red Wings aren't the Red Wings for nothing. They are quite a good and consistent (over the years) team. And yes, I too want to see a different Cup winner this year.

I like Tiger Woods a lot, but I don't want to see him win every single tournament. That's just how I am with championship series and individuals.

Unless it comes to the MN Wild. They can win the next 25 Cup playoffs in a row and I'll never tire of it. ;-)
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