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Friday, May 29, 2009

Roland Burris Says Don't Blame Him,
Blame Impeachment Board For Not
Asking The Right Questions

Blago and Burris in happier days.

Commiecrat U.S. Senator Roland Burris, who replaced the vacancy of Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior says
don't blame him, blame the impeachment board. Chicago Tribune:

    U.S. Sen. Roland Burris today said he shouldn’t be blamed for any lack of candor while under oath earlier this year before a special Illinois House panel about his appointment to the seat because his duty was only to answer the questions posed by the committee members and nothing more.

    Briefly speaking to reporters at the Illinois Department of Employment Security, Burris said it was not his responsibility during his January appearance before the panel weighing then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment to go out of his way to describe how he got Blagojevich’s appointment.

    “See, you all have got it all backwards,” Burris said. “It is not upon a person who is testifying to go out of his way on anything. It is the person who has to ask the questions.”


    It was this week's release of a transcript and audio of a Nov. 13 Burris conversation with Robert Blagojevich, secretly recorded by federal investigators, that has led to the latest layer of the senator’s evolving descriptions regarding the Senate appointment. Then-Gov. Blagojevich picked Burris for the Senate three weeks after Blagojevich’s arrest.

    On the recording, Burris says giving money to Blagojevich would look like he bought the Senate seat if Burris won the appointment. At the same time, he discusses potential less-obvious fundraising ways to help Blagojevich. Burris now says those offers of help were a ruse to “placate” Blagojevich and keep his appointment chances alive and that there was never any intent to donate money.

    During that January impeachment hearing, Burris also was asked if he was aware of any direct or indirect quid pro quo of trading the Senate seat for fundraising dollars. Burris said he was not—although he now says the transcript made clear he didn’t want to be involved in “pay-for-play.”

It's just the opposite, Burris is caught red-handed in the cookie jar and his defense? Blame those asking the questions.

The important question seems to be phrased very clearly: was he aware of any direct or indirect quid pro quo of trading the Senate seat for fundraising dollars. Burris said he was not. Yet the transcript and audio of Burris' own words seem to contradict him.

Illinois State Legislators are now calling for Burris to resign.

Burris seems like the kind of guy who blames and faults a woman for getting raped with the absurd and sick view that it was the way that she was dressed and the way she looked that resulted in her rape.

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It's not stealing. It's not lying. It's not fraud... If you're a DemocRAT.
Exactly, Molson.

Hey.......you're not drinking the Kool Aid, are you? ;-) (just kidding)
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