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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nevada Files Criminal Charges Against Liberal Voter Fraud Group ACORN

Gee, if you listened to the bullshit rhetoric from The Liberals, you'd think ACORN is as pure as the wind-driven snow.

Once again, The Liberals are lying. You know how to tell when a Liberal and Progressive are lying? Their lips are moving.

From Las Vegas Now:

    The Nevada Attorney General and the Secretary of State have filed a criminal complaint against ACORN and two of its employees for compensating employees to register voters based on a quota system.

    ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, has been under investigation for voter registration fraud.

    "These practices are clearly in violation of Nevada law. By structuring employment and compensation around a quota system ACORN facilitated voter registration fraud in this state. Nevada will not tolerate violations of the law by individuals nor will it allow corporations to hide behind or place blame on their employees when its training manuals clearly detail, condone and require illegal acts in performing the job for the corporation," said Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto.

    ACORN spokesman Scott Levenson issued a statement stating that ACORN was a victim in this case and not a villan sic]. "From the time ACORN first suspected that some of its employees had tried to defraud ACORN by turning in bogus forms, ACORN repeatedly called its suspicions to the attention of election officials and requested that they investigate immediately."

    In Southern Nevada, authorities also uncovered evidence ACORN allowed corrections inmates in transitional facilities to handle registration paperwork which is illegal.

A sweet 39 low-level felony charges filed against the two ACORN workers.

ACORN's corruption stretches decades, going back to - at least -
1986 in Missouri where 12 members were convicted of voter fraud.

And we all know how the Liberal Judgement System works, right? If one person of a group is guilty, hell...all of them are. So, using and applying the same Liberal Judgement System, we can conclude that all of ACORN is corrupt and guilty based on those 12 members in Missouri. See, Libs set the standards, I simply follow them and apply them right back onto their corrupt and vast network of Little Eichmann Groups including ACORN. Nice, huh?

Here's a nice little primer covering the corrupt ACORN (pdf), from Capital Research. Be sure to view page 3 and note the incomplete list of ACORN's unpaid tax liens.

ACORN is corrupt, it has been investigated and found guilty in the past. It is being investigated - YET AGAIN - for corruption and law-breaking.

I love how the Pbama Cultists and Liberals scream and protest that ACORN is a legitimate organization. You keep doing what you do best, Libs, and that's scream, whine and cry.


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