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Sunday, May 03, 2009

HIV + H1N1 = Pandemic? WHO Concerned.

The World Health Organization (WHO) fears the lethal combination of the HIV virus and H1N1 flu virus. AlterNet:

    * HIV patients at high risk from flu, need antivirals most

    * WHO fears complications if HIV and H1N1 viruses combine

    (Adds background on HIV, seasonal influenza, antivirals)

    By Laura MacInnis

    GENEVA, May 2 (Reuters) - People with HIV are at high risk from the new flu strain that the World Health Organisation said is on the verge of a pandemic, the WHO said on Saturday.

    The United Nations agency said people with immunodeficiency diseases -- including the AIDS virus -- will most likely be vulnerable to health complications from the H1N1 strain, as they are from regular seasonal flu, which kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people a year.

    HIV and the new flu strain could also mix together in a dangerous way, as has occurred with HIV and tuberculosis, the WHO said in guidance for health workers on its website.

    "Although there are inadequate data to predict the impact of a possible human influenza pandemic on HIV-affected populations, interactions between HIV/AIDS and A(H1N1) influenza could be significant," it said.

    "HIV-infected persons should be considered as a high risk and a priority population for preventive and therapeutic strategies against influenza including emerging influenza A(H1N1) virus infection," it said.

    The virus widely known as "swine flu" has been most severe in Mexico, where government authorities say it has killed more than 100 people, and caused more mild symptoms as it spread around the world to countries including the United States, Austria, Israel, New Zealand and South Korea. [L2430119]

    Although the outbreak remains tiny in scale compared to other epidemics such as malaria, hepatitis, and meningitis, the WHO has raised its pandemic alert level to 5 out of 6 due to its rapid spread as well as the possibility that the flu could cause more devastation in poor and disease-prone communities.

In other fun-filled flu news:

Mexico warns its citizens to not travel to China. Mexico reacts angrily.

Flights to Mexico have been reduced.

A flight from Munich, Germany was diverted to Boston on fears that a passenger has the flu.

Hotel guests and staff quarantined in Hong Kong.

Is this all a carefully planned Bio-Chemical attack on the world's population by Barack Hussein Obama, Junior so that he can usher in his New World Order? There are those who say it is.

Heckuva job, Barry! Heckuva job!

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China is taking this exercice as a pretext to implement their communist protectionnist measures.

Heck, we should boycott them too if USA did not owe its ass to China already anyways.
Good point. Obama and Liberals can't afford to offend China. Although nothing has stopped them from offending other nations in the past.

Barry will print more money. Hyperinflation is just ahead of us. Monopoly money is what it will be. Christ...

Maybe I should move to Canada Tym? Would I like it? I know it's even colder than MN! ;-)
Speaking of the WHO, check out this WHO inspired cartoon!


Heck the American dream is going down the drain with Pbama.

In fact Obama is kinda like our most socialist leader, Jack Layton from the NDP (new democratic party).

Btw, do everything not to socialize healthcare, it's the worst disaster ever. In Canada, we have this ivory tower that we cannot afford in those economic bad times and unions and government policies won't even let the private sector trying to help.

For one, if you're coming here to contribute to the canadian economy (read our socialist taxes), it's always welcomed, else, we still need people in USA to give a hell of a ride to Pbama.

"do everything not to socialize healthcare,"

You are preaching to the choir. I wish more Libs in America would hear your words.

I think it was last summer the man who designed Canada's socialized healthcare went public saying the result was a disaster. His story got attn from the Conservative blogosphere but as usual the MSM here totally ignored it.

"You are preaching to the choir. I wish more Libs in America would hear your words."

I think you do pretty much the same thing with your anti-Obama rhetoric.

However, my belief is that lots more liberal than you think might hear your voice. Although, they pretend to hear nothing, there is a small voice growing inside of them telling them: "Am I on the right path?"

Nonetheless, it's pretty much up to them whether they choose to hear that voice or not.



Well, I sure hope some who voted for Obama are asking themselves if they made the right choice. (They didn't.)

McCain was no prize as a candidate. To be honest, I did not vote for him. I didn't vote for Obama...I went Third Party.

I try to have fun here, mostly holding Libs to the standard that they hold everyone else but themselves and their own. I hope that comes through. I know it does to those with a functioning thinking brain. The "believers", on the other hand, don't get it. And never will.
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