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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Governor Tim Pawlenty:
Dickhead or Not A Dickhead ?

Sorry terminally ill people, Tim Pawlenty has no compassion for you.

Thankfully Minnesota's legislature is a part-time legislature...God only knows what wretched Tax and Spend policies the Lunatic Democrat Majority State House and Senate would do if they were full time.

The legislature wrapped up its session and Pawlenty will balance the budget on his own.

I've been a harsh critic of Minnesota's Governor Tim Pawlenty. I've called him Governor Hatch, after Minnesota's uber-Liberal, former State AG and LOSING DEMOCRAT gubernatorial candidate who ran against Pawlenty in 2006.

I've also called Pawlenty a RINO for his stand on so-called global warming (he believes it's caused by humans), renewable energy (he's for it) and the REAL ID act (he supports it) among other things.

When the state legislature convened this past January, Pawlenty warned the Democrat majority congress that he would not - not - not approve any legislation that called for increased taxes. What did the Democrats do from January until yesterday? How did they spend their time while in session? You guessed it, they spent their time writing tax increases, new tax increases, increasing existing taxes and more lavish spending.

Pawlenty will now tackle the budget himself because the Democrat legislators did not listen to him. Every single one of these bastards should have their pay revoked for this session. They did not do their job, they did not perform as requested, they made no attempt to work or play well with others.

For Pawlenty sticking to his guns and vetoing the tax increases proposed by the Liberal legislature, I say Tim Pawlenty is not a Dickhead.

He does not escape from criticism, however.

Pawlenty says he will veto the medicinal marijuana bill. For doing this, Tim Pawlenty IS a Dickhead.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Definately a DICKHEAD

Pawlenty also said he will sign legislation that makes not wearing a seat belt a primary offense. That not wearing a seat belt apparently will become a primary offense is just another example of the Nanny State reaching further into our private lives. For signing this into law, Tim Pawlenty IS A DICKHEAD.

One of the main proponents of the seat belt primary offense bill is state Senator Steve "bad hair plugs" Murphy. This man is simply a Fascist cocksucker. There is no end to government intervention in our personal lives according to Cocksucker Steve Murphy. There is no limit to his ideology of Tax and Spend and Tax and Spend.

Governor Pawlenty
averages out - because of his support for making not wearing a seat belt a primary offense and his anticipated veto of medicinal marijuana - as being a DICKHEAD.

Mike Hatch would have gladly signed any tax increase the legislature put in front of him. I'm guessing he also would have signed the primary seat belt law. But I also believe he would have signed the medicinal marijuana bill in a move of compassion instead of Pawlenty's inhumanity to those who are dying who find relief from what is essentially a wild plant.

More intrusion into our personal lives. "You VILL VEAR your SEAT BELT!"

You know, I'm almost wishing Hatch would have beaten Pawlenty in the last gubernatorial election. Yes, taxes would have increased, but at least Hatch isn't as inhumane and lacking compassion as is Pawlenty when it comes to medicinal marijuana. It's pretty damn sad when a Conservative and small "L" Libertarian - that would be me - finds myself so disgusted with Pawlenty that I now view Hatch as the better of the candidates, at least in this regard. I didn't vote for Pawlenty in his re-election, I tossed my vote away and voted for a Third Party candidate.

Pawlenty is not the type of Republican that Conservatives want throwing his hat into any national election. Tim Pawlenty is NOT the face of future Conservatism...well, unless you want a "younger verssion" of John McCain. Pawlenty is a Moderate and Moderates should be exorcised from the Conservative Republican party. I would never, ever, in a million years support Tim Pawlenty or encourage others to support him on the national stage.

Steve Murphy: Cocksucker

And Steve Murphy, you are a COCKSUCKER! An under-the-rock-dirt-dwelling unmitigated motherfucking Cocksucker. When you look up the word Cocksucker in the dictionary, or type the word Cocksucker into a internet search, the only result that should appear is Steve Murphy.


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With a 4.6 billion dollar short fall, why would anybody waste time with a seat belt law? It couldn't be a means to steal more money from the peeps using some trumped up bullshit trivial reason now could it? I mean it's not stealing if it's for your own good now is it DD?

Man with dickhead RINOs and motherfucking cocksucking liberals, MN is like CA with shitty weather.
Aren't you afraid of getting sued for defamation?

Unless he is homosexual, this dude would not be a cocksucker or would he?

In Canada, some politicians would go bezerk over this, leftists don't usually believe in freedom of expression for the others but themselves.
Bwa! MN is like Cali with shitty weather, although after our record high on Tuesday of 94..97?...and today, we are back in the swing of hot weather and I love it. Nothing better than hot, sunny MN summer. I just wish it would last 10-11 months.

Yessiree, budget shortfalls by the truckload and these fucking Dems and RINO gov are batshit crazy over seat belts. Jeebus.

No, not afraid of defamation. He's a public figure, I can say or write just about anything about him - and other public figures - and not get in trouble for defamation, libel or slander.

I'm using "cocksucker" in its most elastic term, not as a specific charge or allegation directed at him.

Now...(this is what I learned in Communications and Journalism law classes):

While one can say and write much about public figures and get away with it, I could not, for example, call a public figure a child molester or pedophile without proof. If I did, and had no proof, that is actionable on their part.

Finally: this comment does not in any way represent or intend to represent, or convey formally or informally any type of actual or implied legal advice. Please consult with your own legal counsel.

I had to include the above to cover my own butt, not meant to be directed at you.
Tym sounds like a Yes We Can Patrol creep.
Pawlenty is a jerk. Medical mj is needed for elderly and people in severe pain.

I'm not afraid of defamation. Matter of fact, if they arrest me, I would consider it an honor.

Regards, DD :)

I'm not getting in the middle of you and Tym. I like you both too much.

On the whole defamation thing, so much comes down to that politicians are public persons, they have given up their private lives. And yep, you can say or write just about anything about them. Especially using the parody and satire rulings. If it works for that cretin Al Franken, then gosh darn it it's good enough for me and maybe even you!
@angry for god,

That's perhaps the last thing I want to sound like. Indeed, I'm just trying to help rise the debate over here. The last thing we want to do is fall in the pitfall of vulgarity but that's a choice of freedom of expression that I still respect even though I might sometimes disagree with the tone but not the essence of the message.
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