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Sunday, May 17, 2009

51 Democrats Vote Against Warmonger Obama's War Funding For Oil

51 Democrats voted against The Affirmative Action Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior's war spending.

We know this must be true because the source is The Liberal Bible The New York Times:

    In a sign of Democratic discomfort with Mr. Obama’s war policies, 51 Democrats voted against the war spending measure.

    And in a clear rebuke to Mr. Obama, Democratic leaders refused to include $80 million the White House had sought for closing Guantánamo. Senate Democrats also said the administration must provide a plan for relocating more than 200 detainees still held at the prison. The Senate Appropriations Committee advanced its version of the military spending bill Thursday with the $80 million but banned the transfer of detainees to the United States.

    Republicans said the directives included in the war spending bills were an acknowledgement by Democrats that Mr. Obama had failed so far to offer a concrete solution to the tricky question of where to put the detainees after the prison closes.

I'm sure The Pbama Cultists are already calling and labeling those 51 Democrats "neocons."

There's a skirmish brewing between some Congressional Dems and The Fraud in The White House. Some of the Dems feel abandoned by FraudBama, others feel he is immature and naive - especially regarding his view on closing Gitmo - and they're not going to take it sitting down. That's because they don't want to go home to their districts and say, "please welcome released Gitmo terrorists into your neighborhoods because this is what Obama wants." .

Sit back on the sidelines, grab a beverage and enjoy. This is going to be a fun fight to watch.

Again I will ask The Pbama Cultists: Why aren't you opening up your homes and neighborhoods to house and shelter the Gitmo detainees and enemy combatants? They're the ones who are innocent in your eyes while you view America is the guilty party.

Come on Pbama Cultists...give the combatants homes. Why aren't you? You're not afraid of them, are you? You shouldn't be. You tell us the real enemies are W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Conservatives.


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Real terrorists carry tea bags. I heard it from a wise old swamp cow so it must be true.
Real terrorists DO carry tea bags, you are spot on, Molson.

You heard what from Hillary Clinton, now...? ;-)
Ahahahaha, so funny this picture of Pbama.

Funny like the special olympics isn't it Barry or the stupid 9-11 jokes???
Thanks Tym.

Yeah, I've run that image a few times. The fun part is that a buddy asked me about the chipped front tooth and how and why I decided to photoshop it. The truth is, the chipped tooth was an accident. I was using the erase tool when only a part of it erased part of the tooth.

I looked at it, thought about fixing it and thought - no...no way. The chipped tooth adds so much to the image. So I kept it in.

Barry has joked about Sept. 11, the economy (his nervous laughter on "60 Minutes" which prompted host Steve Croft to him, "are you punch drunk?") and his attempt at humor with the Special Olympics as the punch line. It's pretty sad behavior on his part.

Now, some could say the same about my blog, that it's in bad taste, humor at the expense of others (although I have never made fun of the less fortunate or disabled), etc etc. Well, (1) I am not the pred'nint and (2) my blog is intended to provoke, insult and hopefully entertain people to think about how The Left treats others, everyone except themselves.

You and 99.999999999% of regular visitors and commenters "get it". The few angry Liberals who comment here don't get it. And that's fine with me. It energizes me to provoke them even more.
By the way, people over here in Canada (and especially even more in Quebec) freak out when we dare to compare them with the work of dictators such as Hitler or Stalin, some even sued successfully businessmen for having dared to compare their nationalism or socialism to dictators as such (Lucien Bouchard and Jacques Parizeau won 50 000$ each for such comments against them).

Fortunately, in USA, you dare to have such freedom of expression you should cherrish like your own children.

Therefore, I took the liberty to point out your blog to readers of another French blog. I hope that you might get a few more readers from Canada with that particular gesture.



some even sued successfully businessmen for having dared to compare their nationalism or socialism to dictators as such (Lucien Bouchard and Jacques Parizeau won 50 000$ each for such comments against them).Man, that IS scary. Defamation of character, libel and slander are a set of identifiable and precise circumstances. Freedom of Speech is not necessarily defamation, libel or slander.

We do cherish our First Amendment. The scary part now is that the Libs and Pbama will work to undermine and redefine what is and is not free speech, all dependent on their subjective political ideology and those who support it.

Thanks for bringing my blog to the attention of others. The check is in the mail.
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