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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hillary Urges Patience With North Korea

Secretary of Chicanery Hillary MrsSatan Clinton advised appeasement, pacification patience with North Korea and the recent missile they tested. VOA News:

    At a State Department press event with New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully, Secretary Clinton advised patience on the issue, saying that while 72 hours without action may seem like a long time for television news, it is not a long time in international relations or in the affairs of the Security Council.

I dunno. I think Kimmy has a twinkle in his eye for Hirrary. How long before the two of them are captured by paparazzi dancing together all alone on a remote beach?


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Obama is great at creating a crisis.

However this one may get out of His control quickly. Obama's predictable and 'lilly-livered' response of taking the matter to the UN gave North Korea exactly what they wanted - time to continue development work.

Obama's naive world-view that this can be solve by talking is also exactly what the loons in DPRK want. The President's inability to understand the danger now is going to mean serious consequences when we have to fight these guys later. And BTW.. the Chinese won't be on board then either.
Hi MAS1916 -

Obama is the master at creating crisis. Hitler could have learned a thing or two from him.

You are most correct, Obama thinks talking with terrorists and despots is the answer. While he's talking, they will be arming themselves to the detriment of our nation.

He thinks he can convince everyone that he is right, that he can talk his way through anything. He is very, very mistaken.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I saw your name pop up at many other fine blogs that I visit, TC at Leather Penguin and I believe Bug Drivel. You have keen insights. Keep up the good Conservative fight.
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