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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hey...Hey Somali Pirates...

Hey...hey Somali Pirates...don't you be messin' with Barry. He will kick your ass in the worst possible way.

Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior is a tough guy. Don't let his uber-metrosexuality pussyness fool you.

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Pbama wil offer the Somali brotherhood a few millions bucks to buy peace, appeasement, have a cup of tea, muffins and some KFC perhaps sent by FedEx and what not.

In other words, USA will be completely destroyed when Pbama will be through with it.

Pbama opponents will tell the democrats worshipers in just a few moments when they will realize the kind of idiotic mistake they made: "Hate to say I told you so."
It's like the movie The Mouse That Roared. A small country threatens to go to war with the US with the thinking that instead, the US will offer them financial aide. The kicker in movie is that the US says, "okay, bring it on." (The war, that is.)

Peter Sellers stars in it and it is pretty funny.

We could say "I told you so" to the Pbama Cultists all day long and I don't know that it would have any effect. They are so steeped in denial.
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