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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Russia Tells Pbama To Pound Salt

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, Lordy Day! This one is Teh Funny!

Ol' Barry born in Kenya tried to use leverage with the Russians. It seems His Excellency Dear Leader The Illegal Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior told the Russians that if they helped him with the threat of a nuclear Iran then Pbama might rethink the missile shield in Eastern Europe.

And Russia basically tells Pbama to go pound salt. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! DW World:

    Russian President Medvedev has said he's willing to discuss the proposed US missile shield with Washington. But he added that any deal linking those talks with negotiations regarding Iran would not be productive.


    ...New York Times report[ed] that US President Barack Obama had written a secret letter to his Russian counterpart offering to halt the planned missile shield, which would be located mainly in Poland and the Czech Republic, in return for Moscow's help in stopping Iran from developing long-range nuclear weapons.

    The Russian president welcomed the "positive signals" coming from the Obama administration with which he said he hoped to reach "agreements." "Haggling," however, was "not productive," added Medvedev on Tuesday, March 3.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. What's the prob, Barry? No balls? Does Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman have your testes in her brown paper dope doggie bag?

It's a hula skirt. Well, a dress is a dress is a dress. Isn't it?

Why...Candidate Pbama spoke of how strong he is, how he will not back down or kow tow to anyone - including Iran which he once called a "small country" that is "no threat" to us. Huh, suddenly that little ol' country that doesn't prove a threat to us is incredibly important to The Kenyan, I guess, if he's writing to Medvedev begging for his help.

What's the matter, Barry...gotta go begging to the Russians to help widdle old you out? Awwwww, what a vagina. What a sissy. What a pansy ass. No wonder terrorists celebrated Pbama stealing the election. They know he's weak, Russia knows he's weak and Iran knows he's weak.

Awwwwwww, Russia isn't interesting in "haggling" with The Kenyan. That's a shame.


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