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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ben Bernanke, 360 Spin In Less Than 30

Ben Bernanke. Saying what Pbama tells him to say.

February 18, 2009: Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledges the economy is bleak and idicators are "dismal." The New York Times:

    The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben S. Bernanke, vowed on Wednesday to do whatever it took to pull the economy out of its downward spiral, even as he acknowledged that the most recent indicators were “dismal.”

March 15, 2009: Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says, "We’ll see the recession coming to an end probably this year."

September 15, 2008: Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain says the fundamentals of our economy are strong.

Yet, later on September 15, 2008, Team Pbama attacked McCain's statement. The Atlantic:

    McCain, speaking before a town hall meeting, said that "the fundamentals of our economy are strong" before adding the caution that "these are very, very difficult times and I promise you we will never put America in this position again."

    An Obama aide calls the first part of McCain's sentence "an enormous mistake," and said that the campaign will seek to amplify the comment through surrogates, principles and maybe even television ads.

March 15, 2009: Pbama Economic adviser Christina Romer says, "the economic fundamentals are sound." FOX News:

    "Of course the fundamentals are sound," Obama economic adviser Christina Romer said Sunday.

See. When someone like McCain says the fundamentals are sound, The Left is entitled to mock and vilify those words and the person based purely on their political ideology.

When the Pbama Cultists say the same thing...well, you know the drill. Either Pbama Cultists are having to cut their tongues out these days or their ulcers are belching up record amounts of blood and stomach acid from burying and denying their hypocrisy.


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