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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stimupork Passes Senate

The U.S. Senate passed the Pbama-Reid-Pelosi Stimupork bill 60 to 38, with the vote divided by party lines. The three Republican RINO exceptions were Arlen Specter, Olympia Snow and Susan Collins. More from Bloomberg:

    Democrats predict the plan will save or create 3.5 million jobs and help pull the nation out of the most severe recession in 70 years. [ We can measure this and we will; and we will find out if the stimupork works or not. - Drake ]


    The stimulus plan’s costliest item is a $400 payroll tax cut for individuals and $800 for couples. [ This is nothing. It's pathetic. It's "that little bit" Pbama and the likes of Hillary MrsSatan Clinton want you to have. - Drake ]


    Senator Edward Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat who is battling brain cancer, didn’t vote and one of Minnesota’s Senate seats remains vacant.


    “It is over a thousand pages,” said Representative Tom Price, a Georgia Republican. “It is physically impossible for any member to have read this bill.”

I want to interject that I think the vacant U.S. Senate seat of Minnesota is doing a terrific job so far this session. The vacant U.S. Senate seat has wisely made the right decision in every vote to date. Is there any way we can allow this open seat to remain vacant for the next six years?

Artists get $50 million. LA Times:

    ...lo and behold, there's $50 million in it for artists and the nonprofit arts organizations that provide many of their job opportunities. Those who still can afford Champagne had best keep the cork in until a Senate vote expected later today.

    Americans for the Arts, which mounted a lobbying and public-pressure campaign to get the arts what amounts to a one-sixteen-thousandth share of the spending and tax breaks in the bill, is hailing it as "an important victory."

    The group says its constituents sent more than 100,000 messages.

100,000 messages ? Whew! Why, I bet that's why the stimupork bill passed, because the anti-stimupork crowd didn't have anywhere near one-hundred-thousand people! 'Ya think?

How can we go wrong giving $50M to artists? When was the last time you personally viewed a really good crucifix in a jar of urine or a religious painting smeared with animal dung? Darn it, creativity doesn't just happen, you know.

Some say Nanny Pelosi earmarked $30 million for a pet project of hers involving the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse.

Others claim the salt marsh harvest mouse story is untrue.

Let me remove my "Thinking and Facts Cap" and put on my Liberal "I Believe" cap. There. Now...I believe that Nanny Pelosi earmarked $30 million for some damn mouse. See, facts don't matter.


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