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Friday, February 20, 2009

South Park iPhone App Rejected,
Deemed Potentially Offensive

Something from "South Park" considered potentially offensive. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. That can't be.

From ArsTechnica:

    Score one more point against Apple and its nonsensical App Store approval process. A South Park iPhone app submitted in October of last year has been rejected by Apple at least twice for being "potentially offensive," according to BoingBoing.

    The app is essentially a mobile interface to the South Park Studios website. It gives direct access to streaming South Park clips, news, and the episode index. It also lets iPhone users set South Park-themed wallpapers and assign avatars of South Park characters as images for contacts in your iPhone's address book.

    South Park is, of course, known for its crude humor and scathing sociological and cultural commentary, which some people may find "potentially offensive." But that isn't stopping Apple from selling uncensored South Park episodes and movies via the iTunes Store. To call Apple's actions hypocritical is an understatement; they border on the absurd.

And that's why Apple is Apple.

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That's the stupidest thing... hello??? Anyone who accesses Southpark already knows what type of show it is... duh!

If people can send porn via their phone... I would think Southpark would be considered mild.
Anyone who accesses Southpark already knows what type of show it is... duh!

HA! Honestly, it's just crazy of Apple to ban the app, isn't it?
Isn't Big Carbon Al on the board at Apple? Damn shame too. I own a number of Apple products. This reply was posted using a Mac. An old one. I can't afford new. Still, Gates is a bigger tool than Jobs. So used old Macs it is for me. Yay! Full disclosure... I do not own an iPhone. Too pricey for my broke ass.
The Alarmist is Apple, Molson. Dang, you are on top of things. You always bring info to the table, and that's why you're just so on top of things. (Which is why I say again good sir, you need to be blogging the political.)

I have the basic cell phone, not an Apple item. I love technology, but I'm not a cell phone or Blackberry fanatic. Too much shit to keep track of.
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