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Friday, February 20, 2009

Saving Roland Burris

Can The Libs Save Roland Burris, the appointed Senator who filled the vacancy after Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior stole the White House becoming the Affirmative Action President?

Roland has been spinning one tale and then another.

On Thursday, Burris was hiding from the press in meetings and unavailable on Thursday. WaPo:

    Sen. Roland W. Burris (D-Ill.) canceled his public events Thursday and retreated behind closed doors to plot strategy during a week that has seen his honesty questioned and his Senate future cast in doubt.

    His staff remained mum about Burris's discussions. Newly hired communications director Jim O'Connor said Burris was having "private meetings" in Chicago rather than sessions with local officials in Rockford.

    The subject of the meetings?

    "Private's private," O'Connor said.

    Will he resign?

    "We haven't discussed that at all," O'Connor replied, noting that Burris intends to visit a Veterans Administration hospital and a Navy training center on Friday. "He returns to Washington, getting to work again on Monday."

    Yet unlike the days in January, when a number of politicians stood to defend Burris when he was appointed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) to succeed President Obama, the 71-year-old politician seems largely alone.

He seems "largely alone." Bwa ha ha ha! Oh, that's a shame! Don't you love how The Libs abandon their own the moment they encounter a bump in the road? I'm not making excuses for Burris, I think he should resign and the sooner the better. I'm noting how The Libs turn their very own members into pariahs as soon as the waters get rough. With friends like Liberals, who needs enemies?


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