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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Romney: Stimulate The Economy,
Not The Government

Well...we could have had Mitt Romney in the White House today, at least some chance of that happening. But no...it was John McCain's "turn" to run for president. Mister "Stick My Own Party In The Eye With A Sharp Stick..." and what did it get us? Some guy born in Kenya with a falsified birth certificate that's under lock and key, kept away from the public view.

CNN Op/Ed by Mitt Romney. Read it.

    ...the Obama spending bill would stimulate the government, not the economy.


    First, there are two ways you can put money into the economy, by spending more or by taxing less. But if it's stimulus you want, taxing less works best. That's why permanent tax cuts should be the centerpiece of the economic stimulus.

And then, for those of you Conservatives who just couldn't stand Romney and refused to support him, but saddled up with Johnny Mac when you had no other choice...ponder regretting your decision.

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Probably best to have RINO Johnny this go round because no one was going to beat the Nazi Party ACORN voter fraud Diebold chosen one. Not even the Queen Nazi herself.
Yeah...looking back it almost seems as if the Repubs threw up their hands and ceded defeat months before the election. What do you think?

Hell, I even think Hillary had the nomination stolen from her. That's just how corrupt the Pbama Crime Family is.
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