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Thursday, February 26, 2009

iTunes Downloads iTaxed In Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Democrat Governor Jim Doyle has found a new way to raise money. He's using what I call the iTax, a sales tax on downloads. WSAW:

    Starting October 1 you will have to pay sales taxes when you download a song from iTunes and more.

    It’s part of a fast-tracked bill Governor Jim Doyle signed into law to start solving the state’s $5.7 billion budget shortfall.

    But Wisconsin’s five percent sales tax will apply to more than just music downloads. It will also apply to e-books, greeting cards, ringtones and a host of other items.

    Governor Doyle says the tax will just make things [f]air for local businesses selling similar products with a sales tax always tacked on.

    "I've always thought that's very, very unfair to basic merchants in the state - that they're at a competitive disadvantage to people that aren't employing people here,” Gov. Doyle said.

    He says the taxes on downloads should generate $11 million over two years.

Really, Jim - someone walked into a bricks and mortar store and bought a ringtone, an e-book, a download? Really? What store is that? Where is it? What is its name?

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle
Is it the Cheese? The Packers?
The Bucks? The Brewers?

What drives his madness?

Other tax hikes include. River Falls Journal:

    Taxes on a pack of heaters will jump 75 cents to $2.52 each or 12.6 cents per cigarette. The added tax could generate an extra $290 million over two years. The governor is also pushing for a more comprehensive smoking ban in public places. Such a ban is overdue.


    The new budget places an additional tax on oil companies, raising $540 million over two years. A potential bad side affect could be higher prices at the pump. All drivers will pay for that.

    Doyle’s bill also gives police the authority to stop vehicles for suspected seatbelt violations, qualifying Wisconsin for more than $15 million in federal funds, plus money from citations.


    Add this to our existing property and income taxes, 5.5% state sales taxes on most goods and some services, taxes on our telephone and cable TV, sewer and water bills, vehicle and RV licensing and registrations, and it’s hard not to feel that Wisconsinites are again being overtaxed.

Doyle is a lifelong employee of one or another form of government, except for a two-year stint as a teacher in Tunisia, according to the not necessarily reliable Wikipedia.

Tax and Spend. Tax and Spend. It's all the Democrats know. Well, that and lying.


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Apparently high taxes are what the Cheeseheads want as they voted in the prick. Demoturds are always about high taxes no matter what garbage they may spew. At least some Demoturds are open about it unlike the Dear Leader who claims only 2% will pay higher taxes. Yeeaaaaah right.
What a douche-bag! TAX LIBERALISM!
It's gotta be all the Cheese guys. And the Packers.
madison 20 square miles surrounded by reality....gov. douchebag highest priority back in april was the smoking ban..i went to boston to work for 10 months came back for thanksgiving and thats still what he was talking about ...how he got voted in is beyond me now im unemployed because construction is down..hey i least i wont die from second hand smoke..frickin clown ...signed chatter of the northwoods
You have my condolences Anony on the welfare Cheese state.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Best wishes in securing new employment.
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