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Friday, February 27, 2009

Hilda Solis, Wife Of Tax Cheater,
Is Now Labor Secretary

Hilda Solis - whose husband had outstanding tax liens for sixteen years and didn't pay them until he was caught, until his wife was nominated for Labor Secretary... until learning of them (ahem...) - is the latest Tax Cheat to join the Corrupt Fascist Pig Illegal Pbama Regime. New York Daily News:

    The Senate voted Tuesday afternoon to confirm pro-union Rep. Hilda Solis (D-Calif.) as labor secretary, despite her husband paying overdue state taxes only after she was nominated by President Obama more than two months ago.

    The Senate voted 80 to 17 to confirm Solis, drawing praise from her allies in organized labor and the Latino community. Her nomination was held up when it was learned that her husband, Sam Sayyad, had recently paid about $6,400 in back state taxes he owed from his auto repair business in California.

You know what I like about the Pbama Administration? They are all so ethical!

It was Herr Biden who says it is Patriotic to pay taxes. Obviously Solis and her husband aren't very Patriotic.


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It's part of Obama's plan to solve the deficit. By putting the tax cheats in the government, he gets them to pay their back taxes.
So Hilda "we are all Americans whether legalized or not" Solis was confirmed? I guess it comes as no real suprise. I wonder how they reconciled her active lobbying for the AWR while she was a congresswoman? I suppose House Ethics Rules were made to be broken..... What a C**T! (CommunisT)
Aye, Aye - Scaramouch and Theodore.

JFC, do any Liberals pay their taxes? Holy shit, it's just one after another in - or nominated - for the Pbama Admin and they all have in common that they didn't pay their taxes. We're going to have to try that and see if we're treated the same as Mr. Solis, Geithner and the other tax cheats so close to the messyiah.
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