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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TV Network Bailout

Will Network television be the next industry begging for a multi-billion taxpayer bailout?

From Variety:

    It's D-Day for the broadcast networks.

    They've been living on borrowed time for the better part of two decades, thanks to advertisers willing to toss in more cash each year even as ratings slowly trended ever lower.

    But with the economy in a tailspin -- and the Big Three auto manufacturers, some of TV's best advertisers, near ruin -- the biz may finally have to pull the emergency cord.

    "This day was going to come," says one conglom bigwig. "I don't think the business can be sustained without real change at this juncture. ... We have a gun to all of our heads."

Have you noticed that the Conservative Talk Radio industry and FOX News don't need - and haven't sought - a bailout? Huh...I wonder why that is.

The Networks have no one to blame but themselves for their continual loss of revenue and viewers. Now they may seek a bailout. I'm sure the Dems and Libs will be only too eager to help out their partners in crime and propaganda.


Let em die. Commie fucks.
I agree. Let the Commie fucks die.
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