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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pbama And Off Shore Drilling,
Pbama And Off Shore Drilling,
Pbama And Off Shore Drilling

Remember THIS...don't ever forget it. al-Reuters:

    Environmentalists on Monday applauded an announcement that U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama would consider curtailing oil and gas drilling in some areas, and expressed hope future energy policy decisions would contain more environmental protections.

    The co-chair of Obama's transition team, John Podesta, said on Sunday that Obama probably would reverse an executive order by President George W. Bush allowing drilling in fragile lands in Utah.

Do you currently enjoy paying around $2.25 for a gallon of gasoline? Many areas in the Twin Cities have it priced in the one-dollar and ninety-cent range.

Pbama wants the price of a gallon of gasoline to cost more, to creep back up to the $5-$6 and even a $10 per gallon range.

Remember this when he starts going crazy with Executive Orders. Remember who is responsible for increased energy prices come the future.


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I can't wait to pay more money at the pumps!! It's what I live for... it's why I go to work every day to earn money; not to feed the family, but to pay more for gas.

Let's hope Obama stops all drilling and even starts buying exclusively from terrorists so we can pay EVEN MORE!!

Am I bitter? There sure are signs of it, huh.
Offshore Drilling ban by Executive Order = an immediate increase at the pumps.

There's some places selling it for $1.80-some cents here. What is it in your area?
I just paid $2.25 a gallon... and it had been dropping significantly for about a month or so. I'm very interested to see how many people will try to say it's going down because Obama was elected. But if it goes back up again... it will be Bush's fault.

Yeah, $2.20-something or $2."teens" is the norm here, but searching around some of the suburbs it's going for $1.90-ish, $1.80-ish.

You're right, when it the price does climb again, and it will, Bush will be blamed instead of Pbama's foolish Exec Order and energy policy. The price of everything is going to climb under him.

We have the satisfaction of telling the Cultists, "We told you so."
Thanks for the link... I didn't notice it until I went to make a comment; is there a place in my account that tells me when links are made?

Gas today was $2.13.
Jimmy Carter Set up the Reagan revolution, Bill Clinton set up Newt Gingrich’s republican take over, Obama will set us up another truly conservative leader...

I saw that you had linked to me when I visited your site. Whenever I run across another linking to me - mostly from seeing it at their site - I add the "linking here" thingy and then the hypertext and link to that URL.

Technorati is pretty good at listing who links or "trackbacks" to the posts of another. Just type in your blog name and/or with it including your URL.

And typing in links:(and your URL) in a Google search also will list who has linked to you, although with Google - so far - it's not in any chronological order.

Lemme know if you run into any problems and I will try to help.

You are so Spot On. I'm hoping that 2010 will be a congressional repeat of 1994, with Republicans sweeping the House and Senate.
WHen gas prices go up, and wages freeze and intrest rates climb... what else could happen?
Oh, Arc, that's when we'll have another domestic terrorist attack, when Pbama is least able to do anything about it because he's weak.

Mind you, not that in a billion years would I want this to happen, but I'm looking at it as the terrorists would.
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