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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Pbama Birth Certificate Lawsuit Dismissed

Chalk one win up for The Man Born in Kenya, Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

A judge in Hawaii ruled that because the plaintiff isn't related to The Kenyan, he has no right to see the mysterious, hidden, sealed-from-public birth certificate of The Kenyan-born Messiah.

From The Honolulu Advertiser:

    A Circuit Court judge has dismissed Internet author Andy Martin's lawsuit seeking to obtain a copy of President-elect Barack Obama's Hawai'i [sic] birth certificate.

    Judge Bert Ayabe upheld arguments from Gov. Linda Lingle's administration that Martin — a political opponent of Obama — had no standing under state law to obtain a copy of the document.

    The decision, issued late Wednesday, first denied Martin's "emergency motion" for production of the birth certificate.

    Martin "does not have a direct and tangible interest in the vital statistic records being sought, namely the birth certificate of President Obama," Ayabe wrote.

    Martin did not fall into any category of persons defined under state law as having a legal right to the record, said the judge.

    Ayabe wrote that Martin also failed to demonstrate that "irreparable harm will occur if the records are not provided to the plaintiff."

    And Martin provided "insufficient evidence to indicate that the public interest supports" release of the record, Ayabe ruled.

    "There is a reasonable belief that the public would rather preserve confidentiality of vital health records," the judge wrote.

    After denying the emergency motion, Ayabe then granted a motion filed by the state attorney general's office for dismissal of the suit.

    He cited Martin's "lack of standing" and also ruled that Martin never legally served Lingle and state Health Department director Dr. Chiyome Fukino with a copy of the legal complaint.


    Fukino has said that her office has been barraged by requests for copies of the birth certificate, driven in part by Internet assertions that Obama was not born in Honolulu or the United States and is not eligible to serve as president.

    The Obama political campaign posted a copy of the document on its Web site, but that did not satisfy doubters because the official state seal was not visible and because the official certificate number had been blacked out.

Uh, yeah...that's because the alleged birth certificate posted at Pbama's web site (1) isn't a birth certificate, it is a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) which is not the same as a birth certificate, (2) the COLB, under scrutiny of document and Photoshop forensics has been deemed phony and fraudulent and (3), it would be easy for Pbama to put an end to all these rumors by releasing his original birth certificate, but he refuses to do this.

Why does Pbama refuse to release his birth certificate? Because it proves he was not born in the United States and is not a Naturally born U.S. Citizen, therefore, he does not meet the Constitutional requirement for the elected office that he and ACORN stole on November 4.

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"There is a reasonable belief that the public would rather preserve confidentiality of vital health records," the judge wrote...

Oh really? Just like leftards wanted to protect the confidentiality of Joe The Plumber's personal information. Fucking hypocrites.
Oh yeah. The Libs have no problem with invasion of privacy or spying or wiretapping or the release of private documents with Joe, but Obamas birth certificate? Why, thats SACRED!
Fucking hypocrites indeed!
(1) Actually, it is a birth certificate. "Certificate of Live Birth" is another name for birth certificate.

(2) The birth certificate has been shown to be genuine several times now. Photos have been published of it from every angle. The only people left who doubt this, appear to be actually resident inside mental asylums.

(3) He doesn't need to. Obama has no duty to respond to the ravings of deranged conservatives. He has provided a certified copy of his birth certificate proving he was born in America. He had to do this in many states in order to register to run for President in the first place. The short-form birth certificate is the standard birth certificate provided by the state of Hawaii, and contains all necessary information to prove he is a natural-born citizen. Hawaii does not provide copies of the long-form, and for it to do so would be highly unusual. Given that it doesn't need to, that the short-form clearly shows he was born in the US and the long-form does not contain any additional information which bears any relevance to his citizenship, it would be bizarre and incredible, not to mention arguably an abuse of power, if Obama were somehow to get the state of Hawaii to ignore all of its procedures and issue a copy of the long-form.
1-Actually, a COLB is not necessarily deemed a "birth certificate." But please, by all mean, continue "believing" what you want to believe. Feel free to speak your comment aloud in groups of people so that they have no doubt you are an idiot.

2-The COLB has not been shown to be genuine, but as in item 1, by all means continue believing what you want to believe.

3-Pbama sure is scared shitless of that Birth Certificate being released to the public, isn't he? I wonder why he's gone to such great lengths to keep it hidden and to prevent his relative in Kenya from talking to the press.

Hawaii does indeed provide long-form copies of Birth Certificates.

Do you make this shit up as you go along commenting, Anony, or is there a monkey next to you who does the typing at the keyboard?
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