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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mahoney "Two Mistress" Family Values Democrat Loses Reelection

There's always glimmers of sliver linings in everything, even with Prednint Barack Hussein Obama Bin Laden, Junior winning stealing the White House.

Democrat Congressman Tim "Two Mistress" Mahoney of Florida got booted out of office. UPI:

    First-term Democratic Florida Rep. Tim Mahoney, dogged by sexual scandal, lost his seat Tuesday.

    Republican Tom Rooney, a lawyer from Tequesta, claimed victory accompanied by his wife and three sons, The Palm Beach Post reported. Rooney, whose family owns the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Palm Beach Kennel Club dog track, was making his first run for office.

    Mahoney was elected by a narrow margin in 2006 after Republican Rep. Mark Foley resigned. Foley had been caught sending suggestive e-mail messages to House pages.

    Mahoney admitted last month having had affairs and putting one girlfriend on his government payroll, firing her when the affair ended and then paying her off when she threatened to sue. His wife has filed for divorce.

And there still is that matter of that $121,000 payoff he made to Mistress Number One. And a player behind the scenes in this payoff and scandal may be Rahm Emanuel, a man who some say is the son of a terrorist:

    Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the Democrat congressman for the 5th District of Illinois in Chicago is the son of an Israeli terrorist. Rahm's father, Benjamin, was a member of the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization that coined a new word as they blew up hotels, train stations, and other buildings in Palestine in the 1930s and 40s.

    Rahm was an Israeli citizen until he was 18 years old, when for obvious reasons he hid his Israeli passport in his underwear drawer. In 1991, however, he pulled his Israeli passport out and went and reportedly joined the Israeli Army to defend Zion from Saddam's Scuds.

    Irgun, the army of his father, is short for Irgun Zvai Leumi, which supposedly means something like "National Military Organization" in Hebrew. As a matter of fact, the Irgun was simply a terrorist Zionist group that operated in Palestine from 1931 to 1948. They killed innocent Palestinians and British soldiers and blew up buildings.


    The Emanuel family name was Auerbach until 1936, although they are not related to the famous rabbinical family of Germany and Krakow named Auerbach. Ben said that his family was from Russia. (Well, the pale but not quite Russia.)

    His father Ezekiel supposedly changed the family name to Emanuel when his son with that name died fighting Palestinians in 1936.

Emanuel is said to have been offered the position of Chief of Staff to Prednint Obama and some early rumors making their way around is that he has accepted.

Do you see how easily the country will be subverted from within, by people like Obama - who we know nothing about - and the son of a terrorist as his Chief of Staff?


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It always kind of bothered me that we mostly gloss over the terrorism utilized to help establish Israel. It does seem this guy has dual loyalties between the US and Israel but I kind of doubt he has been laying in wait through his time with Simon and Clinton to bust some diabolical terrorist plot. Let's just hope there never is a time he will have to weigh his loyalties to the US and Israel against each other.
MT - I agree with you about the glossing over part. While I too doubt there's any laying in grass by Emanuel waiting for this chance with Obama, I have to use - somewhat - the same hyperbolic standards used by The Liberals in cases like this. I'm pretty sure they'd be reacting in a similar fashion and I try to make them see a - albeit sometimes "stretched" or absurd - reflection of themselves. And I know you know this. Good to hear from you. We'll have to hook again soon.
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