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Friday, November 21, 2008

Hating Joe Lieberman

Former Democrat and now Independent U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman will keep his Homeland Security Chairmanship. And, as I previously wrote, not only has Lieberman not been booted out of the Democrat Party as the Pbama Cultists and The Insane Liberal Clown Posse would like, Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior, in no uncertain terms, told Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidTard (heh...Leader) that he doesn't want Lieberman ousted from the party.

Well folks, this has the Pbama Cultists spitting and sh*tting blood. They are apoplectic over this. They wanted Lieberman lynched and gutted and his head on a post. And their Messiah stepped in and quashed them, silencing their screams of hatred. Bwa ha ha ha!

Foolish Douche Lake, DemocommieUnderpants, Think Regress, DailyKooks and other uber-Liberal sites and blogs are reacting like a whiny baby or a "terrible-two" child who doesn't get their candy because Joe Lieberman wasn't thrown overboard. "Oh.Dat's.So.Sad!"

The anger and vitriol from the Pbama Cultists and The Insane Liberal Clown Posse makes me laugh so much it's added decades to my life. I should thank them, but I won't.

The Cultists and the ILCP believed that the Dems would boot Mr. Lieberman out of the party and treat him like dirt. Well, the Dem politicians - even the Liberal pols - don't have the hatred and vile anger in them that the Pbama Cultists and ILCP possess.

Do you need anymore proof that the Pbama Cultists and the ILCP are nothing bunch a haters? It's so obvious this tiny minority of 9-percenters hate America. They hate the world, they hate the U.S. Military, they hate our Allies, they hate freedom, they hate prosperity, they hate peace, they hate the Free Market, they hate capitalism. They hate Harry ReidTard. They hate DNC Chairman Mao-Howard Dean.They hate themselves, miserable little cretins that they are.

So much for tolerance and that big-tent party of Liberalism, huh?

A mere two weeks after the election, and the Pbama Cultists and ILCP are livid with Pbama.

Pbama Cultists and the ILCP have been PWNED by their own Messiah! I LOVE IT! No sound is sweeter than when Pbama Cultists and Liberals whine. It is the sweetest music on the earth.


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Yup DD. There is nothing like the sound of whiny piss ant libertards filling their diapers. It smells like their plan to pussify everything American.
I don't remember where I read it, but Robt F. Kennedy was supposed to have said, "Nobody hates like a Liberal." And I cannot for the life of me find anything on the internet to substantiate his quote otherwise I'd use it more often.

Nobody does hate like a Liberal. It's all they know. Lieberman and their treatment of Zel Miller is proof positive. And they do want to pussify the entire country. Yet they will be the first ones to whine "where's the police" or "Where's the military" when they or their loved ones are endangered.
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